Which State Has the Best Education System?

Which State Has the Best Education System?

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In an effort to answer the question, which state has the best education system, we looked at data from the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, and U.S. News & World Report. In the final analysis, the Aloha State won the honor of being the best education system in the United States.

Aloha State

The Aloha State is known as a tropical haven, and the highest-rated colleges and universities in the state are all located here. This is an ideal setting for an education, as the state has a pristine natural environment, world-class resorts, and breathtaking beaches. The state also has an excellent education system, ensuring that its students get the highest quality education. In addition, students can expect a well-rounded education in the Aloha State, including environmental conservation and leadership.

New Jersey

The New Jersey school system was named the best in the country by WalletHub, a national educational resource guide. It scored high marks in several areas, including student achievement and how much the state spends on education. The rankings were based on 32 key metrics, including the ratio of students to teachers, the percentage of high school dropouts, and the median standardized test scores. You can view the entire report by visiting WalletHub’s website.


One state with a strong education system is Delaware. The state was recognized as having the highest percentage of on-track students, or students who attend school most of the time. In addition, Delaware’s teachers are considered among the best in the nation, and many of them have won national awards. Delaware implemented the Common Core standards in 2010, and 79 percent of its teachers were trained in the new standards. In addition, Delaware also introduced a free SAT college-readiness exam for 11th graders, which boosted student participation. The state’s education department reports on “on-track” attendance, or the percentage of students who are not chronically absent. Although Delaware isn’t the best state for student growth, it is a notable exception.


Regardless of your personal opinion, it is important to know that Minnesota has one of the best education systems in the country. In 2017, students in Minnesota had the second highest median math test score and the lowest unemployment rate. That’s good news for those looking for study/work options in a small, affordable city. Listed below are five reasons why Minnesota has the best education system. Also, take a look at the top employers in the state.


In Education Week’s Quality Counts 2019 report card, Wyoming ranks sixth in the nation for education quality. The state also tops the list for school finance. This report is based on three key indices, including the Chance-for-Success Index, K-12 Achievement Index, and School Finance. While this information may seem a little vague, it provides a good guide to what to look for when researching a state’s education system.

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