Steps tips for writing a book report

Tips for better book report writing

Books can open our eyes to people, places, experiences, people, and life situations that we have never thought about before. Teachers often ask their students to write a book report in order to broaden their understanding of the surrounding world. Of course, you should read a book from the first to the last page, think of what you have read and write about what you have experienced while reading it.

Writing a book report can help you practice giving your personal opinion about different aspects of a book. You learn to summarize, consider different perspectives, compare and contrast, and make connections and predictions. There are three types of book reports are theme analyses, character analyses, and plot summaries. Let`s find out what steps of writing the winning book report are.

Familiarize yourself with the requirements of your writing assignment

It is very important to understand your task completely. Ask your teacher how many words your book report should be. Should you give your opinion or just summarize the book? Should it be a specific length? When is your deadline?

Annotate while reading the book

Mark the most important parts of the book, take notes, and underline enthralling lines. Take the main themes and ideas into the consideration. Find as much information about the characters as you can. Think of the quotes you can use to make your report more enjoyable and interesting. Outline the main ideas of your book to organize thoughts for your report.

Write a clear and catchy introduction

The introduction paragraph is a wonderful opportunity to make a good impression. Your first sentence should grab your audience`s attention. State the author and the title of the book you want to analyze. Give a short summary of the book`s plot and explain why you have decided to write about it.

Write the body of your book report

Provide a general overview of the author`s main points, arguments, and topic. Remember, that it is a big mistake to summarize each chapter or every angle of the book. Try to consider the following points: Was the book good or back? What major themes does it introduce? Would you recommend this particular book to others? Was the book well written? Did you notice any symbols? What was the genre? What is the writing style? Explain what your opinion of the story is and why you feel the plot of the book is so sappy, compelling, or unrealistic. You can also explore the physical and personality traits of the main characters and explain how they affect the development of events in the book. Use as many examples from the book as you can to support your opinions and prove that its themes are worth considering.

 Write the final paragraph

It is high time to pull all your thoughts together. Write a conclusion that wraps everything up. Review the major ideas of the book, state your opinion, and restate your thesis. Make your readers read this book for themselves. Do not forget to consider such things: Was the ending of the book satisfactory? What interesting facts do you know about the author? Would you recommend this book?

Proofread your work 

Do not forget to reread your completed book report and reorganize it if necessary. Have you met all specific requirements of your teacher? Is your paper a proper format? Are all parts clear and concise? Your paragraphs and sentences should flow into each other logically. Check your work for punctuation, grammar, and spelling mistakes. Ask somebody to look through your text with a fresh mind. Ask whether your book report makes sense and is captivating.

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