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6 apps college students shouldn’t live without

We are sure you know plenty of applications to make your life easier, but there is always room for improvement. Leading companies have been working hard to provide you with effective programs, both customizable and fast, and here are some innovations on the market:

If you are a mediocre organizer and an irrational thinker, this app is just what you need. You can reorder the structure of your papers, set a calendar for important dates and create a to-do list that is going to work for you like a clock.

In addition, this app allows you to track the latest activity and reorganize the dates according to preference. It is a perfect choice for students, who suffer from procrastination issues and don’t know what to do when the deadline is near.


In case you have problems with your current mail, you can definitely install this app to improve the situation. As a college student, you receive hundreds of notifications and the incoming stream of texts is overwhelming.

Mailbox has features that allow you to keep the inbox clean and archive the already read messages in a special file. Moreover, it has swipe commands and important reminders that will help you organize the day and prioritize the messages according to the level of urgency.

We all want to know the latest news and keep in touch with our friends as we stay in college. This app enables you to gather information in one place, and scrolling becomes easier as the device consolidates the material. Of course, there are issues such as overdue exams and dates that you don’t want to miss. guarantees you will know about the coming deadline and pass your exams with flying colors.


Scribd is the biggest library you can find online, and it helps students organize their day by providing them with electronic versions of their favorite books. Moreover, the app allows access to the rare editions and journals that contain specific information about the field of study you are currently involved with.

The information is provided by millions of users around the world, and you can create your own library with texts, materials and data that is important for your college work. The app is definitely customizable, and its effectiveness is beyond doubt. You can also share your impressions with friends and invite them to join the study group on Scribd.


This one is perfect for anyone, who reads books regularly and writes academic papers on the plot of the story and the main characters. Here, you can find information about the authors, the editions and the libraries as well as the themes of your future essays and the outlines of the novels.

If you are in search of ideas and cannot generate thesis statement on your own, this app is what you need. Try finding summaries of the books you’ve read, and the descriptions of the characters you need to write papers on. CliffsNotes assists you in organizing a fantastic reader’s diary with lightning speed.


We often forget the time we need to hand our papers or come late for class when the work is already in full swing. To prevent this, we recommend this app to be installed without hesitation. You have to enter information about your classes, lectures and professors, and the program will serve as a reminder you need to show up earlier or pay more attention to your studies in case you are a freshman. If you are interested in setting a calendar, it is possible, too, and the system monitors your progress as well.

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