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How to Create an Effective Argumentative Essay Outline – Step by Step

There’s nothing worse than sitting and gazing at the blank page, are you agree with? But you don’t need to take a lot of time in this boring process, just read our guidelines below and find out how to put all parts of argumentative essay outline together. We help you to convert your blank document into a ready templet. Let’s get started!

Structure of the Argumentative Essay Outline

If you are going to write an argumentative paper outline, you should know its four main sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Developing Arguments
  3. Disproving Opponents’ Arguments
  4. Conclusion

It seems very difficult assignment, but there is nothing to be afraid! Just keep reading and gain new knowledge.

So, each of these 4 sections has their own important elements that should be followed necessarily.

Section 1 – Your Intro

This important part includes a hook, background information, and a thesis statement. Your main task is to lay the foundation here for an irresistible argument.

  1. Hook.

The first killer sentence is consisted of “hook”. Do you know what is this hook? It is the sentence that gets the reader’s attention and makes the first impression of the paper. For example, you want to write about why American people’s teeth are so white. Your hook could be like this, “Perhaps this is American dream to have really straight and white teeth!”

Maybe it can be troubling for you to come up with a successful hook I suggest you read this helpful guide How to Create Best Hook Sentence.

  1. Background information

The next part is devoted to giving some solid background information on the topic.

  • Be ready to answer the following questions:
  • What is the main problem?
  • Why and where this problem is common?
  • Why is it important to highlight?
  1. Thesis

The thesis usually contains the last sentence of your intro. In this part, you have to point out the position on the subject and provide the reason for your position. This thesis statement gives readers the idea of the most significant point of the essay and encourages them to want to read more. It like a lighthouse for your audience in the sea of your magic writing.

See more examples of powerful argumentative thesis statements here:

Section 2 – Developing Argument

It’s time to proceed to the argument! It is important to include here two or more points of evidence. There is no the exact number of claims unless your trainer has given you concrete demands. Try to develop you create your argument as diligently as possible.

What is the claim?

It is how you are able to effectively present the argument. Provide the organizational format to arrange the claim in a way that will make sense to the reader.

What is evidence?

For each claim, you are required to give supporting evidence. It means true information from reliable and solid sources. There are should be enough evidence to make the claim believable.

If you are ready with the evidence, we can go on and work with the next element of the argumentative essay.

Section 3 – Disproving Opponent’s Arguments

You define here the views of your opponents and then propose a refutation. After determining your opponent’s position, it is necessary to produce your response inarticulate and concise manner.

Once you’ve coped with opponent’s points of view, it is time to move to the finished part – conclusion.

Section 4 – Conclusion

To conclude, you should perform three important assignments.

  1. Recall the significance of your issue.

It is almost the same you did in the intro, you just state again why this topic is crucial. But you have not to copy everything word for word, make some efforts to reword it.

  1. Sum up the main arguments or points

Remind the readers what the paper was about, repeating the main points and ideas. This should bring to line-up the conflicting arguments and allow the readers to see the whole and complete picture.

  1. Create pleasing and curious final impression.

Try to leave the readers interested in what you want to convey. Everything must be written in a compelling manner and sense of closure should be felt.

In the conclusion, it is the last attempt to convince your audience and make them understand the perspective of the paper.  It is also the best chance to organize and summarize all your thoughts and points.

Maybe, you are looking for some fresh ideas, please check out these argumentative essay topics.

Take the pen to start writing an argumentative essay outline and impress your professor with your best abilities to easily and correctly perform such type of the paper.

It’s the right time to get rid of all fears, turn on the imagination and go forward to the success.

Good luck!

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