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The process of writing a speech is similar to writing any other papers. First of all, you have to choose the topic, determine the audience, desired length and style of speech. With the help of a speech the one wants to catch the attention of an audience, to convey the important thoughts and successfully support all statements with evidence. Remember, that your audience has just one chance to hear you – your speech has to be well-structured and comprehensible. There is one important thing about speeches. You will deliver your ideas in real-time. So, if you can’t handle with writing a good speech, you will be observing how your listeners lose interest – they can start use phones, talk or even go away. Of course, a bad speech is not the end of the world, but we want you to write the perfect speech that will impress your listeners!

Determine the purpose of your speech

People will come to get information from you on a specific topic. This information will be important for them, they hope to get advice, instructions or motivation. Your target is to give them what they desire. There are three key ways in which your audience can react: your speech may make people feel something, think about something or do something.

Thinking about the purpose of the speech, try to give answers to these questions:

  • What do I want my listeners to feel or do?
  • How can my listeners benefit from my speech?
  • Am I going to gather the audience again and continue to talk about on or another topic?

Who is your audience?

Your aim is to determine how you can establish a connection with your listeners. As soon as you get it, you will know how to make the speech more interesting and useful for the audience.

Find answers on these questions:

  • What these people have in common? Family, age, problems, work, gender, fears?
  • What tone will be effective to deliver the message?
  • What can be offensive to my audience?
  • How much these people know about the topic I’m talking about?
  • Why these people here, what do they expect to get from my speech?

The importance of a speech

Explain to your audience why your speech should be listened to. Speak about the importance of the topic, tell them how they can benefit from this information, propose them to be drawn into the process. People can jot down some thoughts or you can hide in your speech a thought that in the end will be revealed. People who were attentive can get gifts if their answers right.

How to start?

Create an unforgettable introduction

First of all, you have to become the center of the world for your audience. Catch their attention using a «hook». It’s not difficult to invite attention to your speech. Some people use jokes, questions, shocking information, for example, statistics or tragedies.

The body of a speech

Determine some ideas which you want to research and prove. Surround your idea with the most useful and unique information. It will be great to add there some examples. Your examples should be real, use real-life situations that happened to famous people – actors, politicians, artists. Don’t use long sentences, your speech should be easy to understand. Use in your speech bright epithets and metaphors, people remember them and will be able to retail it to friends or family. After you’ve written the first draft of your speech, go back and check it for words that can be changed for more simple. Cutting words in the speech can make your statements more understandable. Remember that you’re writing a speech, not an essay or article. Your audience will hear it, not read it. The more conversational you can make it sound, the better.

How to create an effective conclusion?

At the end of your speech restate your main ideas, but avoid repeating them. In the beginning, you determined what a result you want to get. Based on this, appeal to your audience, call to action. People come to get help and if you give them it they will be satisfied.


As soon as you finish your speech, read it and edit. It will be useful for you to read your speech to a friend. You can read your speech in front of a mirror, try to notice how you use your body language. Improve it, because your gestures also can influence on the audience. Give yourself the time you need to practice your speech. Don’t expect everything will be perfect without practicing, be ready to extemporize.

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