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How to Write a Definition Essay

A definition essay is a kind of assignment, which is written to describe some term, give your own definition of a word. It should be supported by your own researches and arguments. Everyone can complete this kind of work, just get aware of some basic advice, which will make the working procedure easier.

Check out interesting information how to write a definition essay.

Steps to follow

  1. Choose a term, which you would like to describe. You can choose what is closer to your, for example, ‘success’, ‘feminism’, ‘patriotism’, ‘love’. Everyone understands these words in own ways, so you can also share your ideas.
  2. Check recourse like dictionaries to see how the term is usually defined. This information will help you to move further with a description.
  3. Present the chosen word in the introduction of an essay.
  4. Main paragraphs should include information on the chosen term. Give your own definition to it, compare it with other popular definitions. You can also mention the evolution of this term, how it was changing.
  5. Mention examples, which will fit and prove your definition.
  6. Create an outline not to miss something important.

Topics of Definition Essays

We use lots of terms every day. All of them are clear for almost all people, still abstract things can become the points of a discussion. We all know what a dog, phone is, but not everyone can know for sure what love is. Check out the following list to choose a topic for your assignment:

  • Love
  • Intelligence
  • Marriage
  • Religion
  • Happiness
  • God
  • Beauty
  • Confidence
  • Success

This list can be continued, we just let you think in the right way to come up with an idea for your essay.

Things, you should pay attention to

  1. If you give a definition, you don`t just copy one from a dictionary. You create your own and dwell on it. If you can not make up something new, then use the existed one, but interpret it in your own way.
  2. Choose those terms, which you understand and can define in a proper way. Otherwise, you`ll confuse your readers, and you can give a wrong definition.
  3. Giving a definition to a term also includes writing about its functions, nature and structure. You can also mention what this term doesn`t mean. Moreover, you can compare it with other words of the same class.
  4. Keep the structure of your essay. Present your term in the introduction, give the full explanation in the main paragraphs, make clear conclusions.

Tips to consider

  • Make the term narrower, if it has a wide meaning. It`s better to concentrate on something specific.
  • Build the structure of your essay in a logical way.
  • Think of your own definition, be creative and don`t be afraid of something strange. It`s good to have non-standard explanations of a term.
  • Proofread your assignment to check all the mistakes.
  • Make your definitions sound in a scientific way. This will make your essay sound better.
  • Don`t dwell on a well-known term.
  • Choose appropriate words to complete your assignment.

Check out common mistakes

  • Defining a term, which has a very broad meaning, which is too much for an essay.
  • Forgetting to tell readers which term exactly you are defining. It can be difficult for them to guess what you are talking about.
  • Dwelling on terms, which are known to everyone and whose meaning is clear.
  • Avoiding examples. You can give a complete definition of a term, but it`s nothing without examples.
  • Copying of definitions. You are to write them in your own words, adding your interpretation.

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