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Where to live while studying at university

The first problem students face after choosing the university or college is to decide where to live. The choice of proper accommodation is crucial for your further academic success. It is important to consider all accommodation options available and choose the best variant for you.

Choose the appropriate accommodation for you

The place you live in influences your general wellbeing, health, and productivity. So, it is essential to find that right place as you will be there for the majority of your university time. You should decide whether you want to live at home or somewhere away. Of course, it will depend on where your university is situated in. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. It is far cheaper living at home. You will have less chores around the house. However, you will have less independence and it will take a lot of time to get to the university.  You will get your ultimate independence while living away. You will have the opportunity to make new friends and be part of your university life. But you should remember that student accommodation can be pricey. Moreover, students often face some problems living with other people. If you decided to live away, then don`t let your parents and relatives sway your choice too drastically. It is your life and your experience!

University Houses and Halls

A lot of the universities provide their first-year students with places in their own halls of residence. It is quite safe and comfortable to live there. They are usually furnished flats, with a shared bathroom, kitchen, and toilet. They can be mixed or single sex. Such accommodation can be catered, part-catered or self-catered. You will definitely make new friends there who will support you in those few months away from your family. However, some students prefer smaller, self-catering properties managed by the university.

Private Sector

Some students prefer private sector accommodation. You should be very careful while considering it. Find out how safe the district is. Check out public transport and calculate how much it will take you to get to the university from this place. Make sure that you are aware of any Student Travel Card for local travel when returning to your room late at night.

Shared Student Housing

The majority of the students decide to live in the shared houses. It will give you the opportunity to get your longed-for independence and chance to live with your friends and classmates. You will easily find a wide range of private rented accommodation available through individual landlords, agents, or in private halls. Moreover, you university will provide you with some useful information about choosing a shared flat or house. While applying for university halls, you will be definitely asked to tell about your lifestyle. It will help your university accommodation service group similar people together. But, you should always remember that you never know somebody until you have lived with him or her.

Living at Home

A large number of first-year students decide to live at home. Of course, it has its pros and cons but the biggest disadvantage is that you will have the risk to miss you university experience. You will make fewer friends and you will feel yourself rather detached from your campus life.

Lodgings and Hostels

Students with particular religious affiliations or international students can live in small hostels that are usually run by some registered charities. Some students can live in lodgings shared together with the landlord and his family. It is a good option for overseas students who want to explore the culture of new country and improve their language skills.

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