Exam sessions. Avoiding mistakes

Biggest exam mistakes of the year

Every year, terrible stories happen during examination, which are later stored in the student’s archive and learned about by word of mouth. Here, we try to analyze some common and typical mistakes students make and the most curious cases in college.

You didn’t revise

There is nothing worse than opening your textbook only to realize you haven’t studied any of the material. The same story happened to the students at the University of Reading. They were given the syllabus from the previous year, and the tasks were completely different.

There was silent panic across the room. Some of the students simply walked out of the classroom, while others were bold enough to answer the questions. Most of the learners complained they paid their tuition fees and now their money went down the drain. Hopefully, university administration would take measures to ensure this was the last time students were provided with the wrong tests!

You are not sure you passed

An IT student from India was told by the admission counselor that she passed her test successfully. She was more than delighted to receive the news and started to write a letter of gratitude, expressing enormous thanks to the administration.

Later, however, she was informed there was a technical error in the university’s computer system, and she was given the wrong number. She was confused about the whole situation and wanted to contact the university’s management, until it turned out she didn’t pass the first time and now has to re-sit an exam once again!

You don’t have time

Students from the University of Warwick were first told to complete the test within three hours, but the invigilator’s mistake led to a serious misunderstanding, and they were left with only two hours in the end.

Some of the students complained about the issue, while others decided to answer half of the questions on their sheet. Later, however, university’s department sent a letter of apology to all the students, stating that the counselor’s mistake would not affect their grades and there would be no penalties for the task.

You know the answers

Christmas came earlier this year, at least for students at the University of Bristol. During the semester, they were studying hard for their summer test. An online learning system, called Blackboard, was initially created to help them with preparation until someone found out it can actually grant access to the test paper that was due in summer.

The details are not disclosed, but there has been information the test was on South Africa’s long and troublesome history. The enthusiasm did not last, however, as the technical malfunction was spotted and university’s administration started to prepare another set of questions. What a disappointment! Now, according to the popular opinion, there is no chance students get the right answers and pass the test smoothly, unless they are really dedicated.

You have pages missing

Have you ever been in a situation of total confusion? Students at the University of Leeds were slightly puzzled when they first saw the test paper and there was definitely a moment of awkward silence among the invigilators.

The exam itself was the most important for the strategic management course, and teachers had to assess their grades the following day.

So, what was the issue and why did the students scratch their heads, anyway? Pages were missing, and it looked like the key information was left out. Luckily, the university’s department was quick to react and soon the examination was postponed. Students were given additional hours to prepare for the test, because the questions were really complicated and the editing process took time.

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