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What is essay outline template?

The teacher asked you to write an essay and you have no idea how to start it, then essay outline is the best option to begin.

Have you ever wondered why we make plans? What usually forces us set schedules for the future events ahead of time? So, why outlining the papers is an integral part of the writing process?

Essay outline template will help students to arrange and format their thoughts before the drafting process. In such way, they can shortly compile the intended content of the paper and organize it in an intelligent and comprehensible manner.

In this post, you’ll be able to evaluate some amazing essay outline templates to assist you to start writing the most organized and well-planned paper that will definitely surprise your professor.

7 Most Amazing Essay Outline Templates

  1. Analytical Essay Outline Template 

This outline template can help you choose a topic and support the thesis so that your professor will want to read it again and again. At this stage you don’t need to summarize, you should focus on how a book was written, what is the theme of the movie and why it is important.

Once you come up with the answers, then make clear why you are right and back up your claims with the strong evidence.

  1. Argumentative Essay Outline Template

In this essay outline example, you will try to convince the readers or the audience that all your ideas on a certain topic are the strongest ones. But you should do some research and support your thoughts with solid facts. This is the great handy template to help you to write the introduction, develop the arguments and bring the paper to the conclusion.

Opposing sides should be considered at this stage, so here you will be able to learn how to identify the best of them.

  1. Compare and Contrast Essay Outline Template

Unlike the argumentative essay, this template deals with two subjects and concentrates on their similarities and differences. At the first glance, it seems easy, isn’t it? Wait – keep reading!

The main purpose of this type of paper is to try to investigate something unknown, explain a misunderstanding and show that one topic is better than another.

This essay outline helps you achieve all these goals using step-by-step comparison method.

  1. Expository Essay Outline Template

Do you like reading useful recommendations? That’s what you will definitely reach with this expository essay template. This kind of essay is somewhat similar to a book report. In this way, you can prove your teacher that you’ve researched a subject in detail.

There are a lot of ways how to organize this type of essay, but to start with this outline will be the best choice for you. It will help you explain the significance of the topic supporting it with accurate facts, analysis, and evidence.

  1. Persuasive Essay Outline Template

The main goal of this template is to prove to the readers that your point of view is the best one. You can use some anecdotes or stories to persuade the audience that you are 100% right. This awesome outline template helps you deliver from the introduction to a final part.

To really persuade someone, it means to have finesse and be smooth. Try to make the reader cry, laugh or tremble with fear until then they believe that everything that you say is a real true.

  1. Reflective Essay Outline Template

In the reflective essay, you should write something about a person, object or event that helped you become who you are now. It is very convenient and easy to perform this because you don’t need to do some special research, all materials are already in your head. Just let the reader imagine your life deeply.

Don’t be serious, try to set up your hook, understandable and descriptive paragraphs and an impressive conclusion. Good luck.

  1. Research Essay Outline Template

Unlike the papers above, the research essay requires more efforts, but it helps you improve both the writing skills and knowledge about the topic. You have to gather all sources and reveal what experts really say about your subject.

This type of outline for essay will help you articulate thoughts and put a framework to them considering the whole context, thesis and history behind your research and why the topic matters.

Want to be a happy and successful winner of the essay-writing race? So, make a habit of outlining the essay from now onwards.  It saves the time and provides peace of mind when it comes to writing papers.

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