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Essay about a true happiness

Every person at least once in his/her life thought what is a real happiness and whether it exists in general. It is quite a difficult question and it’s an eternal theme. Even the Ancient Greek tried to explain this concept, to understand its meaning they associated it with the state of equilibrium and the harmony of human soul. It is safe to say that happiness is a special state of mind which foresees a lofty mood, joy, and, of course, peace of mind. However, everyone shouldn’t forget that we have to be able to find happiness trying to see it in the simple things.

Most people want to be happy trying to choose their own path to happiness. Our life consists of many different moments. We rejoice and get upset, win and lose, hope, believe and wait. It is impossible to indentify the notion of happiness as a common to all people in general. The fact is that for everyone and the same concept will have its own special meaning, which is important and understandable precisely for his or her.

Gratitude is the main factor of happiness. Instead of focusing on negative things, health issues, financial problems, happy people, in turn, focus on being alive, love and support others. They are thankful for everything. The gratitude becomes to be a daily habit for such people and for some even a ritual. Be grateful for everything and anything and life will answer you reciprocally.

If a person is not intelligence and wise, he/she has no interest to the world. Such people are unhappy and they need someone’s help and understanding. Man must be fed, studied and developed spiritually and only then he/she will strive for a bright life. “Beauty will save the world” – one of the modern slogans. They say it is about the beauty of the human soul.

As we understood, the concept of happiness refers to the spiritual world of man. Everyone will interpret it differently. For someone – it is a pleasure and delight; for someone – it is well-being. Some people understand happiness as luck. For others it is a joy. Pay special attention to your personal happiness, only you know what it should be. When you understand what it means for you, then life seems easier.

Get rid of bed things and thoughts. There, where there is anger, hatred and irritation, there is no place for happiness. Clear the path for it and wait for visit. Try not to communicate with people who cause you such negative feelings. It is impossible to avoid all conflict situations or stop communicating with relatives. But it is quite realistic to free space for positive emotions and over time (eventually) you will surely see that you are not so confused in life difficulties.

Try to surround yourself with people who make you happy. One way or another, we must always remember that happiness exists, we only need to be able to see it, to enjoy life in all its manifestations and not to expect something in vain hoping for some fabulous delusions. Perhaps someone is happy acquiring some things that he/she really needs. It can provide a person with joy aesthetic pleasure. Maybe for someone the happiness will be communicating with his/her family. How important it is sometimes to talk with relatives and tell them some stories from your life. Be happy!

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