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Advice on cause and effect essay writing

A cause and effect essay is a kind of educational assignment, it`s aimed at giving a reader an image of actions, which lead to certain consequences. Writer`s goal is to show the logical chain of actions and results, which are interconnected.

While working on this type of assignments, your task will be to show possible reactions in some actions with logical and analytical thinking. You will be given a scenario, where this action occurred.

How to begin

When you get a task to create a cause and effect essay, read carefully all the directions and requirements you have to follow. In most cases, you will be offered to choose a topic on your own. Here you can`t go on without brainstorming.

Usually, the information you already have is not enough to create an appropriate essay, you need to collect additional details. If you are allowed, then you can use some visuals to make your research better, for instance:

  • Cause and Effect Venn Diagram
  • Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer
  • Cause and Effect Anchor Chart

Once you have gathered enough information to complete your cause and effect essay, work on the outline.

The most popular essay themes are the following:

  • Internet Influence on kids
  • Popularity of Sports in US
  • Effects of professional sport on children
  • Alcohol and nervous system
  • Domestic violence
  • Growing up with a single parent
  • Effect of school bullying on children

Creating a sketch

Creating a plan of your essay is a great idea. This step shouldn`t be skipped, as it will help you not to lose some of your ideas, some important facts you need to insert into your work. Moreover, you will have a guide, which will assist you to move on through the whole procedure of writing. In general, this kind of essay is made up of 5 paragraphs, but you can change the number on your own. Your essay can be of various length as it depends on the theme of your work and your analysis and investigations. Despite, the format will be the same. A cause and effect essay includes an introduction, body and conclusion, just like other assignments.

Before you start writing an essay, you can draw a chart with two sections A and B, and insert there actions and their results. This will make the whole picture clear for you.

If you want, you can create a graphic organizer, which will make the process of writing visualized, so you will be full of more ideas.

Writing an introduction

The main purpose of an introduction is to give general information to readers about the theme of your essay, and also tell some background information, which is necessary to understand the aim of your assignment. And thesis statement, plays here an important role. Note the following:

  • Hook. You should catch readers` attention with the help of some rhetorical question or some interesting sentence. It should encourage people to read your full essay.
  • Background information: Background information plays an important role in this kind of essay, as it gives a general knowledge of a situation and it may help to understand some of the effects. Information you use here should be checked, it should assist in case understanding. Moreover, it should be connected with the thesis statement.
  • Thesis statement: Thesis statement shows the main argument in one sentence. It should contain shortened information about the essay theme. And your task is to prove this thesis statement further in your assignment.

Body paragraphs

Remember that all body paragraphs should have some kind of an introductory sentence, and a sentence, which conclude the passage.

You can form your paper in the way you like, for example, if you decide on 5 paragraphs, then you may choose 3 options:

  • Cause-Effect-Effect
  • Cause-Cause-Effect
  • Cause/Effect-Cause/Effect-Cause/Effect

You are to choose the paragraph style depending on the theme and information you have.

Still, if you don`t choose a 5-paragraph essay, then you are free to choose the structure. You can even have one cause and one effect paragraph.

You should work on the structure of your essay, depending on the content you have.

Writing a conclusion

A conclusion has 3 essential elements, which you should include, if you want to impress readers:

  • Restatement of thesis: Your task is to prove the thesis statement, if you have done that, write this thesis in other words to state that you have completed this task.
  • Summarizing Main Argument: Here you are to conclude your argument. Describe cause and effect in simple words, with the help of several sentences. Make it related to thesis statement.
  • Overall Concluding Statement: Create a meaningful conclusion of your essay. Tell why people should take your argument into consideration, why the theme is important, what you want readers to get from your essay.

More useful advice

It`s a good idea to look through some cause and effect essay, which will help you get more information on this kind of writing, and you will get an image of good and bad papers.

Make a deep investigation of your theme. Look for additional information, you can be even involved in some activities, which will help you understand the idea better.

You should also thoroughly check your essay. Look whether the paragraphs are logically connected, check grammar. If you have someone, who can help, then send them your essay for proofreading. Someone`s feedback is important.

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