6 Tips for writing your law school personal statement

How to write a winning law school personal statement

Your personal statement is the most important part of your law school application. It is your chance to explain why you should be accepted into the entering class and why you have decided to study law. A great personal statement should catch the eye of the admissions committee. Your task is to write about your experiences and background in an interesting way. Of course, it is very difficult to write such type of essay as you can`t guess what the committees what to hear from you. Reflect upon your life and show your individual features.

Here are six tips you can use to make your law school personal statement unique.

Get personal

First of all, your essay should be about yourself. You must distinguish yourself from the mass of applicants. It is essential to take some time for self-examination and reflection before writing. Be original – tell about yourself in a new light. Highlight the most unusual and the most interesting things about yourself, your background, your interests, and your motivations. Tell about the life experiences that have led you to pursue law as a career. Professionalism is the key of your personal statement. Impress your admission committee with the ability to organize your thoughts well. You should remember that excellent writing ability is one of the main skills for every successful student. Show that you are a committed, intelligent, and interesting person who deserves to be involved in the prestigious law school.

Eliminate the negative things

There are some things you should avoid in your personal statement. Do not focus on your negative sides. Don`t sell yourself by dwelling on your weaknesses. You have the only chance to prove that you will be an excellent student. So, it is not the time to explain why you had bad exam scores and a bad semester.

Be concise

Tell an interesting and personal story about yourself in 700-1400 words. Support your thesis in a professional, persuasive, and concise way to show that you are an intelligent person. Don`t use words which you think sound sophisticated. It is just better to be concise and clear. Avoid overly common phrases. Choose the proper descriptive words to make sentences interesting and clear. Use vivid prose with the intent to keep your audience interested. Write at least three drafts. You can address all your weaknesses in a separate letter of addendum.

Review your personal statement

Proofread your text to avoid any grammatical and spelling mistakes. Avoid awkward sentence structure. Do not make your admissions committee guess what you wanted to say. Put your personal statement aside and look at it again with fresh eyes. Make sure that all the sentences are coherent. Remember, that this piece of writing is supposed to be personal.

Don`t be sensitive to criticism

It is very important to find somebody who will give you a constructive and honest opinion. Ask your relatives, friends or teachers to look over your text and give you the honest feedback. Ask your readers if the essay is boring or engaging. Is it memorable? Does it hold their attention? Does it convey the message you wanted to send? Show your statement to people who don`t know you well, so you will find out whether it reveals your personality and character traits.

Tweak for different school

Each law school has its own specific requirements. So, you should make small adjustments to your personal statement to make it serve you well. Just make it concise, clear and free of errors.

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