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30 of the Most Beautiful College Campuses in the World

Studying at a university is necessary, and it’s great to study in a beautiful campus! Today we will tell you about 30 campuses of colleges and universities from all over the world, which have an attractive appearance and are located in picturesque places.

Flagler College, Florida

The campus is located close to the beaches and the tropical sea in the oldest town of St. Augustine.

Trinity College, Dublin

This college was designed right after the campuses of the universities of Cambridge and Oxford. It exists since 1592 and has a huge library (more than 6 million books).

The University of the South, Tennessee

This campus is interesting for its grand Chapel of All Saints.

Queen’s University, Ireland

Outwardly, this university resembles the palace of the Irish aristocracy. In addition to the main building of Lanyon, there are 250 buildings and houses on the campus.

Princeton University, New Jersey

This university was built in 1746 and is the fourth among the oldest universities in the United States.

University of Salamanca, Spain

It takes the third place among the oldest universities in the world. The campus was founded in 1134.

Cornell University, New-York

It is located overlooking Lake Cayuga and the town of Ithaca. There is wild nature around the university.

Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

The campus has an area of 269 acres and is located in the center of Hannover. A lot of trees grow on the territory of campus.

University of Colorado at Boulder

The building is designed in the Tuscan Vernacular Revival style. Nearby are the world famous Flatiron Mountains.

Royal Roads University, British Columbia

The building looks like a medieval castle. Few people know that the university is located in the Hatley Park National Historic Site.

University of San Diego, California

It is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. Students call it “paradise university.”

University of London, England

The campus is very similar to Disney’s castle from the legendary cartoons. Near the university, there is a huge park with an area of 135 acres.

Furman University, South Carolina

Near the university, there is a picturesque lake, where you can swim on boats.

University of Cambridge, England

Here studied Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin, and Isaac Newton. The university is not only famous for its graduates but also looks very beautiful.

Kenyon College, Ohio

The main feature of this university is the availability of a nature reserve (the area is 480 acres).

Harvard University, Massachusetts

It is known to the whole world because of the largest academic library in the world. It holds 400 million manuscripts and 10 million photographs.

University of Edinburgh, Scotland

It is the sixth among the oldest universities in the English-speaking world.

Hong Kong University of Science and technology

It was built comparatively recently – in 1991. From the university building, you can see the South China Sea.

Notre Dame University, Indiana

It is known for its huge campus, which consists of 143 buildings and covers an area of 1,250 acres.

University of Oxford, England

There is a theory that the University of Oxford was founded in 921. If this is true, then this campus is the oldest in the English-speaking world.

Pepperdine University, Caliphornia

Located in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

University of Bologna, Italy

The university has been working continuously since 1088. It consists of five campuses located near the sights of Bologna.

University of British Columbia, Vancouver

On one side of the campus are the mountains, and on the other side – the beaches and the Pacific Ocean.

University of Capetown, South Africa

This university is located on the Edge of the World – on the Western Cape of South Africa, next to the famous Devil’s Peak.

University of Chicago, Illinois

The primary campus is designed in the Gothic style, the others look more modern. The campus square is 217 acres.

University of Glasgow, Scotland

This university is very similar to Hogwarts. It was built in the XIX century for the representatives of a middle class.

University of Hawaii at Manoa

The main highlight of the university is the enchanting East-West Center Japanese garden.

University of Otago, New Zealand

The campus is surrounded by mountains and tropical beaches. The area is perfect for extreme sports.

University of Sydney, Australia

The campus fascinates with its neo-Gothic style. Among its graduates are six prime ministers and 24 justices of the High Court of Australia.

Yale University, Connecticut

The university was founded in 1701, and in 1716 he moved to New Haven. The campus combines buildings in the Gothic style and houses in the Georgian style.

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