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Advantages of regular writing

What do you imagine when you hear about a writer?

Most frequently it`s a tired person sitting at the table with lots of books and paper on it, having pencil in the hand and thinking about something great… But that`s not actually the truthful image of a writer… You can be a writer, I can be writer, your friend and family members as well!

Prose is ideas and thought written down on the piece of paper, and this makes each of us a writer. Writing is a useful thing which develops our way of thinking, expression of thoughts and ideas. This kind of work reveals our creativity and imagination. Let`s look closer on the benefits of making writing your habit!

The therapeutic features of writing

“Expressive writing” is the most frequently used expression while dealing with some researches on the writing influence on people`s life. Jotting down of what you think or feel is a good way to relax and feel a release. Blogging has also the therapeutic value.

The influence of expressive writing is really great as it can improve your mood, reduce stress if you do that regularly. Adam Grant, says, that writing about the completion of your future goals and your dreams coming true helps make people happier and even healthier! Writing every day can have also a great impact on your job, you will do better and achieve your main aims.

In addition, it can be difficult for some people to express their feelings and thoughts not in written but orally as well. So, writing every day will help you make your thoughts clear and understandable for other people. So you won`t be afraid to express what you have on your mind.

Writing is useful not only for philology disciplines but for mathematics as well, as it helps to express quite complex ideas effectively.

Writing can help you overcome difficulties

Recently there has been a research made on the fired engineers. Those who were engaged in expressive writing could find a new work quickly. The engineers jotted down their feelings and emotions concerning the situation in their life. This helped them to feel less anger to the former employer, this increased their opportunity to find better workplace quickly.

Writing about the unpleasant events which take place in your life will help you feel less stress, it`s a good way to clean your soul and say everything you have in your heart. It`s much better to express your feelings, both positive and negative ones, rather that hold them in yourself.

Writing and gratitude

The recent studies show that people who write about some positive things in their life at least once per week were more enthusiastic about their current life and future as well.

If you write about gratitude when you really have such a feeling, then everything will be in favor of your good mood and intentions. It`s better not to overdo with this. Everything should be made sincerely.

Writing makes your mind clear

Sometimes your mind is like your internet browser where you have opened too many tabs and all the time you cannot choose the one you need. Very often we can`t find the appropriate words to express our feelings or emotions.

Writing regularly will help to form your mind, to let your thoughts flow in the right way. Your ideas won`t stuck in your head going around, but they will be written in some specific way on the paper.

Writing and Studying

Sometimes it`s much easier to learn new information when you rewrite it by your own words. It`s a good way to gather interesting and useful information. You will study the work of some famous scientist and write the main ideas in your own manner, in the way you understand them. And after some time, you will be able to see a great collection of unique facts and notes made by you. Writing some small thoughts can also lead to something greater. As even a writer writes a paragraph which turns into a chapter, which turns into the whole book.

Writing as leadership

Nowadays everyone can try oneself with public writing. It`s very pleasant especially when you get the email with gratitude for encouraging people to take some actions. It`s a good sort of motivation for further writing. Even if you face some sort of criticism, don`t worry, not all people can agree with the same ideas.

So make your life brighter with making writing your habit!

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