Writing a research paper is easy if you know all the steps

How to write research papers

It doesn`t matter what position in the intellectual pyramid you gain, you should show yourself as proficient in any kind of academic writing. It`s an essential part of success and satisfaction in life. We offer you to check useful tips on research paper writing which will definitely help you.

Abstract and introduction

The Abstract is written to give the readers the whole idea of what you have done, which steps were made and with what aim, whether all your goals were satisfied. It`s size is usually 100-150 words long. It should be clear and understandable for readers.

The introduction is very important as it sets the beginning of your analysis. You are to give a brief description of your research, give some arguments and thoughts you are going to develop further. Note that readers of research works are not reading for pleasure, they want to get useful information, new ideas and thoughts. Maybe your wise conclusions and researches may help them with their scientific work.

Literature review

Placing the literature review into your research work is an essential part, as you are not the first person who is working on this or that topic, so you should also note which questions other researches asked, which questions remain unanswered etc. You can also show some answers and comments on your topic and tell whether you agree or not, whether they are important for your own work or not. Literature review shows which conclusions were made and whether your research proves them, or you have found something that doesn`t coincide with the thought which exists. Literature review also shows the importance of the given topic, people have been already looking for the answers on such questions.


Theory which you offer the audience should make us believe your hypothesis is true. It should also show facts and proves why other hypothesis cannot be truthful. Make this part clear and find the best information you can to prove your thoughts.


Here you are to write the evidence which can prove your ideas. Evidence can be statistical, narrative, anecdotal and descriptive. Everything should be logical and understandable.


Your conclusion should summarize all you have written before, all your researches and proves. It should also give some instructions what should be done next to make people absolutely sure of what you say. Briefly remain the readers of the main points of your work and check whether you can answer the main question of your research work, “So what?”

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