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Descriptive essay – What is the essence of American Dream?

Have you ever wondered what the term “American Dream” means? It has always been the main part of American culture. It is true to believe that this concept has appeared in XX century. Despite this fact, it is relevant now, as it was in the previous centuries. In this essay, we will try to find out more about American Dream and what it is in general.

This doctrine is common in the United States. Due to this phenomenon, every American has an open chance to succeed, even to be a president of the country because of his/her perseverance, diligence, courage, sexuality and determination. The concept of “American Dream” is often used to describe the national ideology that unites Americans. Its quintessence is to take the view that every person can honestly achieve the success in the life being hard-working, energetic and decisive. It remains one of the major driving forces of migration to the USA. It is a special and unattainable dream to other nations.

First of all, American Dream is to be comfortably off.  It means to live in easy circumstances having all materials goods. People don’t need to make ends meet to another salary; they have accommodations with all conveniences and buy the necessary food and good quality clothes. There are all needed things for living that make every person to see the meaning of tomorrow’s day and just enjoy his/her life.

In general we can say that American Dream is the ideal life, it is the right of everyone to succeed and to be confident in the future. It is the country where people will have the opportunities according to their own abilities and efforts regardless of social class and origin. Remember, the chances to be happy are also equal for everyone and depend only on personal qualities and aspiration.

Next, it is important to have the democracy of goods. It is possible for everyone to buy goods of all Americans’ producers. It makes people free and equal to each other. The freedom of choice is also the staple of American Dream. Everyone is able to choose who he/she wants to be and create his/her own lifestyle.

Finally, it is the desire for novelty. This is the extension of consumer choice because the fashion is changing at will. It means that current skills in demand are variables. In this case, people don’t need to be qualified in one sphere to reach the vital peaks. All their abilities and skills will come in handy and they’ll have more freedom of choice.

The American Dream is the real dream, not just a need to satisfy the primitive needs. It has become a standard of happiness in the consumer society. Success is not the way to achieve the comfort; it turned into a goal of life. In conclusion, despite the fact that we are faced with the boredom and banality of everyday life, the American Dream enlivens us, gives us strength and makes us work so much, invent actively and change rapidly. It is a very strong, more than strong dream. We continue to strive for something new and unusual, even though it doesn’t always bring us the benefit and satisfaction. Being serious with the concept of American Dream, you can understand the American life. It is a symbol of the United States as a whole.

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