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To begin with, let’s define what these creative writing exercises are.

Everyone knows that, if we do not train our body, it will get weak. The same with our writing skills. To improve them, we have to keep on writing regularly. And it doesn’t matter whether you want to write a novel, a poem or if you are writing simply for fun – writing exercises will be useful both for beginners and for the experienced authors.

The main aim of creative essay writing exercises is to light up an idea, a thought or even the whole story in your mind so that you could start writing immediately.

People often think that, for getting better in writing, they will have to practice every day for many hours. But it is not so! In fact, you can easily dedicate even 10-15 minutes at a time, but it is important to do this regularly, otherwise there will be no use of this practice. Your exercising doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. Turn it into fun writing exercises! You will see how much easier it will become for you to start.

Tired of sitting over the blank piece of paper having no idea of what to write about? Then the following guide is just for you!

Creative Writing Exercises That Can Increase Your Writing Level

can choose one of them or practice several, or try each one at a time – it’s up to you.

  1. Writing prompts

They are very helpful when you get stuck and can’t move on with your writing. If this is your case, then you can do the following. Try to write about your favorite food. Actually, it can be any food topic: a fabulous dinner, a holiday meal with your friends, some interesting or curious facts about the food you have recently learned.

Or you can try to remember the recent dream and describe it, getting deeper and developing the story.

Imagine yourself as an animal and try to describe what your life would be in that case. Otherwise, you can go further and create a story about some mystical beast – a dragon or a unicorn, for example. Describe how it looks like in detail, tell about its character, etc.

One more interesting prompt is to write about your fear or fears. Besides, this kind of exercise can be very useful for you as well. Figure out what you are afraid of most of all, list your worst fears and analyze them. Why are you afraid of those things? What could you do to get rid of these fears?

  1. Alphabet writing

That’s going to be great fun! What you have to do is to write a story starting each new sentence with one of the alphabet letters. Letters must not be repeated! This exercise is good not only because it stimulates your writing, but also because it trains your brain making it remember as many different words as possible. Great way to expand your vocabulary!

  1. A message to your younger self

Think of your childhood and teenage time. Pick the age you want and compose a letter to yourself when you were, let’s say, five years old. What will you write about? What are you going to tell yourself?

  1. Inspiring pictures

Pick several pictures that make you inspired and write a short story about each of them. You can pick any writing style or genre.

  1. Imagine yourself to be another person

If you have a a really close friend whom you know from A to Z, try to write from his or her perspective. Imagine what your life would be in this case and describe a usual day of this person.

  1. Create a character

One of the best writing exercises for writers! If you have a good imagination (and we are sure you have!), create a character and give him or her (or it) a name. And then write a story about their lives.

  1. Write about your memories

Pick one memory that is the most important or memorable to you. It can be event from your own life or a story someone once told you and it impressed you a lot. Write about why you remembered it, who told you about it (if it was a story) and try to expand the whole story creating some new details and events.

  1. Describe what you see

This is a good creative writing tip for the beginners. Yes, simply describe everything that you can see in the room you are writing in! use descriptive language and give as many details as possible.

Using these hints, you will make your writing skills just excellent!

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