Well-written resume is half-way to successful job-search

Useful tips of successful resume making

If you are thinking of what to do next and can`t come across something really important, then updating your resume seems quite useful! Even if you are not looking for a job now it`s not the point to keep your resume not update, as it may help you if you want to apply for a dreaming job!

So why not to have a stylish and successful resume? We have talked to resume experts and pointed out 9 main tips to restyle your resume. Let`s check them out!

Include your LinkedIn URL

It`s a good idea to add your LinkedIn URL to your contact information. Moreover, you can also add sources to your Twitter or Facebook. You never know what can actually help in getting your dream job! But before inserting this information, make sure to clean up your social accounts.

Adding some colors

You can make your resume brighter by adding some color to your name. You aren`t to create a rainbow across your name, but some simple color added to your bolded name will be a good idea. Remember to use colors which are easy to be printed as some recruiters still print your resumes.

Adding your photo

Resume expert, Vorobyev, states that it`s a great discussion now whether to add your personal photo to resume or not. Still this will make a hiring manager connect with you quickly on some psychological level. It`s also good to have the same picture on your resume and any other professional website, this will work like your personal branding. And you`d better exclude the usage of popular today selfies.

Remove your objective

Your resume is to be written in the way readers understand the main point of it and what are your objectives. So inserting them somewhere in your resume is pointless and this will lead you to the wrong end. If you want to have a successful resume, then rewrite in the way it shows the real point of you.

Using unpopular fonts

You are free to use any font you like, don`t be like others using the most widespread ones. You can choose the fonts which are not popular but look very nice and legible. In this way, you will give your resume a new fresh feeling, it won`t look like others. You can even combine several fonts using different for headlines. It`s your time for creativity.

The usage of appropriate keywords

Nowadays technologies play an important role everywhere even while searching for a job. So the first check which will face your resume will be a digital one. The system will search for the words which match the description of the position you apply for. It doesn`t actually matter how exactly companied do this, but your main task is to insert as many words as possible which are related to the job you apply for. You can get those words reading the descriptions of the position. The more keywords, the better.

Use numbers to show your success

You should sell yourself in the best way and it`s a great challenge. Though you can do this, if you insert the real numbers which show your success on previous positions. You should be concrete and strict. The numbers tell much more about your abilities and victories.

Use strong verbs

You should operate only strong words which show you from the bright light of professionalism. You can have the same skills and histories with other applicants but a person who uses verbs like “clarified, initiated, monitored, informed” instead of “did, made” will surely win the battle. Try to use vivid and descriptive words.

Keep it updated

You are to choose the information which is really important for your future job. Remove unnecessary skills, hobbies and experience. And your college awards can be out-of-date as well as time passes. Yes, you may be proud of them but do they really have any value now?

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