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Popular Paltforms for Student Learning

If you aren’t a professional in the field allowing you to find a job for sure, then you have a few options: to accept a low-skilled job or to go in for study. The second option is attractive yet controversial. Spending money and time on taking courses at a school/college/university is rewarding if there is a chance to find a good job.

But what should you do if in the process of learning it becomes clear that you chose a wrong field? The upshot is that you just let your time and money goes down the wind. The crisis of professional identity can cost you much. So the reason is to make searching for a place in the sun the least painless for the budget.

Based on the foregoing, it seems clever to choose a number of courses online that will help you to decide on a future specialty. Especially given the fact that today the Internet provides a great number of sites where you can learn remotely. There are both paid and free resources among them including world-famous platforms, colleges and universities. So there is a wide choice, indeed, and even paid online courses cost 30% – 50% cheaper than campus-based.

All you need to start with is the list of the best online courses which are available for free. Here it is for helping you to find your way to a highly paid job in the field you are interested in.

1. Coursera

It is a successful internet-project, the latest in a series of those launched by Stanford University. Coursera offers complete courses as opposed to separate lectures, including video lectures with subtitles, text lectures, homework assignments, tests and final exams. The access to the courses is limited in time meaning that every assignment or test has to be completed in a certain period of time.

Upon completion of the course, providing a student performed all the assignments and passed the final exam, he/she can get a certificate of completion. The most part of the courses is presented in English while the smaller part includes learning materials in French. But the users of the project actively add subtitles in many languages helping other students to get access to the quality courses in different fields.

2. Udacity

Udacity is another brainchild of Stanford that according to Wikipedia, emerged as a result of the expansion of its program in computer science. This platform offers video lectures in English with subtitles in combination with tests and assignments based on the model of learning by doing.

Each lecture includes a built-in test for helping students to understand concepts and proposed ideas. Students can register for one or more classes until the date of the first homework deadline. Upon graduation students receive a certificate of completion signed by the tutors. Udacity mostly offers courses in information technology, web design, math, science.

3. Khan Academy

The Academy provides access to a collection of more than 4200 free micro lectures in Mathematics, History, Health and Medicine, Finance, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Economics, History of Art, Computer Science and many other subjects. It was created by a MIT and Harvard graduate with the purpose of providing high-quality education to everyone and everywhere.

Khan Academy features a huge database of video lessons in more than 20 languages. All the courses are divided into separate lessons, and the main emphasis is made on video as a way of providing information with no text materials.

Obviously, these web resources open up an access to the best courses of the world. However, it does not mean that you’ll be able to successfully complete the courses and to receive a certificate with no effort on your part.

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