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Check out Tips on Writing a Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a kind of educational assignment, which asks students to describe, for example, a person, an object, place, some experience, situations etc. This kind of assignment allows students complete freedom of writing, they should use their imagination and creativity to create a particular image of something. Moreover, a descriptive essay deals with much more details than other writings, it concentrates more on observation and conclusions made on it.

It`s important to impress readers, to make them feel if they know the person you describe, or they have been to the place you write about. If you manage to make your readers appreciate your assignment, then you can be proud of yourself.

If you want to get success, then you are to be aware of practical tips on writing a descriptive essay. They can help everyone, so, let`s check what we have here!

Prewriting stage

One of the most important parts of descriptive essay writing is to choose the topic you would like to write on. You are to take much time to make up your mind whether you would like to describe a person, who plays a particular role in your life; an object, which is kept in your mind; a thing, which reminds you of something special.

When the theme is chosen, think well on what exactly you would like to concentrate readers` attention. Take some notes not to miss important and interesting details, which will prove your main idea.

Making a draft

You are to follow the outline while creating a draft, but remember that your main task is to impress the reader, to give a full description of an object. This kind of essay demands the usage of all senses – hearing, smell, touch, taste, and sight. Try to include everything into your assignment, don`t create an image only. Your task is to show, not to tell. Make readers feel and smell everything you are writing about.

You are to use descriptive language, it`s also in your favor to use various tropes, metaphors will be very good. If you want readers to like your assignment, then enjoy the process of writing, remember that you have to create the whole picture, facts do not always play much importance. Check out more useful information here

Revise your assignment

This stage is an essential part of the writing process. You are to revise your essay, taking into consideration the following:

  • Is your essay done in the way, which allows readers to appreciate the subject completely? Are all of the paragraphs descriptive?
  • Have you chosen appropriate words, which convey emotions?
  • Have you created the whole image?
  • Have you supported the main idea of your essay?

Keep in mind, that your task is to draw the picture in readers` mind, so be logical and build your assignment going from general to specific. This will help your readers not to lose the idea of your writing.

Edit an essay

At this stage, you are to proofread your assignment and check it for grammar mistakes. Improve your writing style, look for some clichés, appropriate adjectives you can use. It`s good to ask your friend to read your essay and check it with a fresh glance.

Publish of your essay

Sharing your own essay with the rest of your class can be scaring a bit. But you should be full of enthusiasm and present your assignment proudly. Don`t be afraid of criticism, take into consideration all the remarks, this will help you make your work better the next time.

We hope, that the above-mentioned tips on writing a descriptive essay will help you get success!

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