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Your first year in college may be hard to handle, but we don’t want you to feel intimidated by our predictions: you can become independent and apply critical thinking while studying. There is no universal solution for the newcomers, but we can provide you with some tips:

Explore the campus

If you think that you know your campus, think twice. Take a tour around the area and invite your fellow students to explore the college grounds. Consider this as a preparation for your first year in college.

Know your roommates

You may change your room or you may stay in the same apartment for years to come, but it makes no difference when it comes to acquaintances. Try to maintain a friendly relationship with a person you are going to share space with as it guarantees your successful graduation and mutual respect.

Make a plan

When you were in high school, your teachers would lead you through with essays and homework that could be done individually. In college, you have to get organized independently and make a plan to help you survive. First of all, print out a calendar with all the important dates and use an organizer. The next step would be making notes and buying an application to create a perfect study plan.

Find your place

In college, you are constantly surrounded by people, and it is hard not to get distracted every now and again. You should search for a place that would be a perfect combination of cozy and productive, like the one in your dorm room or somewhere in the library hall. This will be your secret nook, where no one else is allowed, and you will have an opportunity to study for an exam without being distracted.

Go to class regularly

This may sound like an obvious tip, but we know the temptation to get some sleep in the morning. In case you are a night owl, set an alarm clock so that you won’t be late every time your teacher illuminates new material. Attending classes is an ideal strategy to receive vital information from your professors, no matter how hard it is to show up on time.

Meet with a professor

You may have a hard time adjusting to college life, but there is no need to panic: office hours are created to meet your teachers and clear up information. In case you have no idea about the upcoming semester and your friends are in the middle of nowhere as well, there is a way: take time to know your academic counsellor, and you will have a safety net that is going to come to rescue in times of need.

Find a balance

Find a balance between your social life and studies. Basically, you have to work hard so that you can play hard afterwards. While you are attending lectures and seminars, don’t forget about your hobbies and favorite pastimes.

Be active on campus

If you feel that homesickness is taking over, try to find new ways to distract yourself. The surefire way to get rid of troubles is to become involved on campus. There is a certain sense of community present in the activities, provided by your campus adviser, and you will surely meet new people you are going to cooperate with.

Join a selected group of students to continue work on campus, and see how your college life gradually becomes more entertaining. Student clubs and organizations are also good, and you can feel more connected to college if you are a part of a sports team.

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