The most creative writing prompts

Creative writing as a form of personal freedom

It is very important to practice creative writing every single day if you want to become a better writer. You should try to write about everything you hear and see to develop you writing skills. Your writing should express your feelings and thoughts in an imaginative and poetic way. However, it can be sometimes quite difficult to think of what to write about. Give your writing muscle a workout! Stretch your imagination with our creative writing prompts.

The magical power of eye contact

The eye contact is a powerful communication tool that can express those things which just can`t be expressed with words. Try to write about two people seeing each other for the first time. What feelings they may have? Do you agree that eye contact is one of the most important elements of effective communication? Pierce Butler said that two people who stare each other in the eye for sixty seconds straight will soon either be fighting or making love. What do you think about it?

Each friendship ultimately makes us who we are

Write about being friends with someone. What does it mean to be a good friend? Is it difficult to find a true friend? Tell about your friend who holds a special place in your heart. Each friendship offers us something totally unique. Tell about your personal experience. Do you imagine your life without building friendships? What do we crave closeness with other people for?

Fun house cleaning activities

Crank up your creativity to discover tips to make house cleaning fun. Write about doing laundry, washing-up the dishes, sweeping, and mopping in an interesting way. You might be amazed how entertaining your household chores can be. Try to discover the best ideas for making your housework enjoyable.

Face of our fear

What do you feel when scared? What scares you a little? How do you react? It will be quite interesting to write about it. Tell people about your deepest fear. What do you do to overcome it? Theodore Roosevelt said that each time we face our fear we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing. How can you explain it?

The danger of keeping secrets

Being entrusted with a secret can be both a burden and a delight. In fact, people are horrible at keeping secrets. Write about a secret you have kept from someone else. Share with your readers how you feel when you know that somebody is keeping a secret from you.

In pursuit of silence

We live in the world of noises. Write about staying quiet when you feel like shouting. Do you agree that stillness is a means to recovering contentment and happiness in our modern world? What does the sound of silence mean to you?

The sky is an infinite movie

Take inspiration from a night sky. What are you thinking about? What do you feel? Express your thoughts clearly. People never get tired of looking at what`s happening up there. Experiencing the night sky provides inspiration, perspective, and can lead us to reflect on our place in the universe and humanity.

I miss you so much

Write about somebody you miss dearly. It is not much fun if you miss a person who is special in your life. Do you agree with the statement that absence of whom we love is even worse than death?

The beauty of smiling

A smile is a big giveaway to contentment, happiness, and inner peace. Write a poem or a short story about the things that make you smile. There are many things that can put a smile on our faces.

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