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Why studying in Helsinki is one of the best choices for an international student

One of the most important decisions, which a person inevitably needs to make in life is the choice of the occupation and university at which a student can get the best knowledge along with a great life experience. Deciding to become an international student makes a task even more difficult mainly due to different cultural and psychological factors. Let’s check one of the best learning destinations for international students – Finland.

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki is often featured in the ratings of the top one hundred best universities in the world, so no wonder that this university becomes number one choice for many students around the world. The establishment can boast with over 40,000 students and academics. It also offers four campuses in the capital as well as in other nine locations across the country. Being one of the best institutions which actively do researches of global issues, this university gives a great opportunity to join the number of famous alumni. You can make a unique impact for the future on the mankind in terms of making the world a better place.

Helsinki and activity diversity

Whether you have a mood for the active way of spending your free time Helsinki can easily offer you such opportunity. You are welcome to experience the vibrancy of the city at multiple restaurants, nightclubs, shopping and entertainment centers. At the same time, the city can offer you a great communication with nature. Helsinki is famous for its green spaces, beaches, fields and also proud of its fresh air, as the city is being one of the cleanest cities in the world.

Helsinki and personal safety

It might be scary for an international student to travel to the foreign country; however, Finland is one of the countries where you can feel safe living and studying. This country is famous for having a low risk of natural disasters, so there is no need to worry about such issues. Obviously, stable economy and well-defined judicial system minimize crime levels, so safety is a great advantage of studying in this country.

Finland is a unique country in terms of quality of life, infrastructure, health care and education. According to many types of research and in comparison with many other countries, students that enrolled in the universities in Finland, end up being among the happiest learners in terms of studying process, academic results and the quality of life as an international student.

It is important to make a right decision where to spend your learning years. Finland is an outstanding well-developed country with the great opportunities for those who made a brave decision to study abroad.

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