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If you are thinking about how to write dissertation conclusions, congratulations! So, you’ve already coped with the rest of the work. But it is still too early to relax, the preparation of conclusions is a very important part of the thesis. And it would be a great pity to write a brilliant work, but to fail in bringing all its strengths in the conclusions.

Like many other academic papers, drawing conclusion requires a structured approach. In this article, you will learn what steps you should follow, as well as useful tips, for writing a good dissertation conclusion.

Four Main Consecutive Steps

  • Read your thesis again. Even if it seems to you that you know it by heart, now you need to read chapter after chapter again. This time it’s important to make notes, summarizing and highlighting the most significant aspects.
  • Put notes together. Be consistent. Use your thesis structure. You need to tell what is each chapter about in the right order, one by one.
  • Add the required sections. After writing about the ideas in each chapter, expand the conclusion by such sections as recommendations, contributions and future work.
  • Сheck and think. You have already made a sketch of your dissertation conclusion. Read it again and think, does it reflect the essence of your dissertation?

What Should the Reader Learn from Your Dissertation Conclusion

Despite your discipline or work features, there are certain messages that readers want to get after reading your conclusion chapter. Basically, the last part of your paper should contain:

Your contribution to the study of the field. It is important to clarify what new things you’ve done for your research field.

A brief overview of each chapter of your work. Not every reader will find time to read your entire dissertation attentively. But from the conclusion, he can understand in which chapter one can find this or that information. This kind of summary is also important if you are going to publish your work.

Recommendations. Even if your work is more theoretical, you need to identify its practical consequences in at least a few points.

How the research can be continued. A good dissertation is only a step in the topic researching. Therefore, each work can be continued and developed on the basis of its results. Thus, no matter how much you have done for your dissertation, note what kind of research can be done in a particular discipline in the future.

Few More Tips

Psychologists have proven that we remember the end (of a book, a story, or even a verse) better than the main part. As the conclusions will be your final part, try to take into account all the nuances and details. Here you can find some more tips on how to write a dissertation conclusion.

  • Answer the questions that you put at the beginning of the work. In your conclusion, you should explain what exactly you wanted to know as a result of your work, and also give answers to your research tasks. It will underline the completeness of your dissertation.
  • Refer to the hypothesis. Your conclusion should confirm or refute the hypothesis with which you began the study. This is the meaning of the practical dissertation.
  • No more data. Writing a dissertation conclusion, you should not add any new piece of information. Do not confuse your reader: only summarizing and results.
  • Avoid new examples. You shouldn’t explain anything in this part of the paper. If someone from the audience does not understand something during your dissertation defense, they will ask a question and you will be able to answer. Do not deprive them of the opportunity to start a dialogue with you.

Mistakes to Avoid

It would be a shame to work on the dissertation conclusion for so long and to admit one of the most common mistakes that students make:

Too long. Do not let your readers yawn. You should not repeat the same thing. Each new sentence should contain a new meaning and argument. Your task is to convey the essence and make the audience believe that your work is really valuable.

Too short. This is better than too long, at least you do not waste reader time. But still not good. Make sure that you have stated all the facts and led to a logical conclusion.

Too overrated. We know how much effort you have spent preparing your dissertation. And professors know it too. We are sure that your work has made a great contribution to the development of the sphere. But would it be correct to call it brilliant? Tell about your work in the best light, but stay humble. Allow your teachers to rate you high if you deserve it.

We hope this article has helped you understand how to complete your dissertation correctly. Lastly, one more piece of advice: always remember what thought you want to put into the mind of your audience. What do you want them to think about after you finish talking about your dissertation?

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