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How to Overcome Perfectionism: 5 Powerful Steps

No one can tell that perfectionism or strong desire to make the things in the best possible way is bad. It is important for students to write excellent essays, for doctors to be careful with diagnoses, etc. Each sphere of our life requires responsible and serious aptitude, which often becomes the reason of success. However, perfectionism requires a lot of emotional and mental activities.

Excessive perfectionism exhausts you, irritates people around you and can hardly bring any use. If you feel that you have already overstepped the line of rationalism and need some changes, there are some steps that can help you.

Concentrate on the Process Instead of the Result

We always want to achieve the best results in what we do. A lot of people with such desires simply do nothing for this. They think that the certain moment will come and they can be able to bring something great into the world. Anyhow, only numerous trials and attempts can eventually issue excellent output. Do not be afraid to do something wrong or be not perfect, find new approaches and move towards development and new goals.

Let Your Actions to be Controlled by Positive Emotions

Unfortunately, in most cases perfectionists are guided by negative emotions and feelings. Think, by what is caused your desire to be the best? Envy, jealousy, greediness and egocentrism usually become the reasons of the people’s unhealthy aptitude to perfectionism. Do not let negative emotions to control you and be your guidelines in the life. Negative emotions tend to bread negative results and feelings. You can experience fear and insecurity. Try to switch to something good. Thus, if you work on designing some product, make it great not for money, but for comfort and happiness of other people.

Focus on Your Own Progress

When you look at success and achievements of other people, you disorientate yourself. Instead of concentration on what you do, you are distracted by envy on the thoughts of other people and your actions lost control. It doesn’t mean that you need to build a barrier between you and external world. It means sound concentration on your own gains and positive motivation to reasonable self-improvement.

Specify Concrete Goals

The most obvious signs of the excessive perfectionism are abstract aims with minimal specification. Person tries to do something but is never pleased with the result, because he or she does not have certainty in this regard. For example, you try to be a perfect student and want to improve your grades. If you set the goal to be the best student in the group, it provides no clear plan of actions. It is better to make a list with several disciplines, in which you need to improve you results. When you set the clear plan, it makes your actions more quick and effective.

Pay Attention to Society Problems

If you see that you are too self-concentrated on the personal goals and achievements, it is the right time to direct your energy in the other stream. There is the whole range of global issues, solving of which require your contribution. There are hundreds of opportunities to make our world better. Thus, you can keep the blog and motivate people to environment protection by your own example. Also you can arrange some sort of courses and share your knowledge and education with people. In fact, such activities will make you more perfect than unhealthy concentration on your self-improvement.

The point is that you need to be flexible in this life and do not exaggerate. Be responsible and take care about your targets. At the same time use sound approach to all activities and try to be guided by positive emotions, no matter what you do.

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