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Satisfy Your Inner Geek: Top 10 TV Shows about Technology

Feel not very fond of soup operas and trivial TV series? It is clear that there are different target audiences and modern TV that can offer various content of high quality for different viewers. Today we are going to outline the best TV shows about technology. Actually, they become more popular nowadays and are less considered to be boring.

On the one hand, it is due to the innovative approaches of the directors, on the other hand it is caused by great number of people, who show curiosity to such topics. So what to watch if you feel some geeky affection?

Mr. Robot

These TV series are extremely popular and have millions of viewers. The story tells us about young and talented programmer Elliot Andersen. This guy struggles for justice in the cyber-world, while life tries to seduce his by other opportunities.

The IT Crowd

“The IT Crowd” describes IT office at the center of London. Three main heroes work in the technical support team and two of them Roy and Moss are not very popular at the company. The number of unpopular losers increases due to new employee Jen and the story receives a new turn.

Silicon Valley

This comedy is about the complicated relations and peculiarities of the IT world, its struggles and competition. Four seasons of this catching story have gathered millions of followers and are distinguished by outstanding popularity.

Person of Interest

This detective story tells us about the Harold Finch, rich computer programmer, who invented very interesting system. This system is capable to predict crimes by means of data gathering and their analyzation. Watch this awesome TV series and find out whether it will be possible to cut crime rate and fight with the violations.

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap is a cult TV show with the twisted plot. Within one of his experiments scientist Sam Becket got stuck in the past. Find out in what will result his attempts to come back and enjoy science fiction with the sophisticated taste.


“Chuck” represents a splendid mix of action comedy and spy drama. The main hero Chuck is a computer genius, who works at the Center Intelligence Agency. Everything seems to run its course, until Chuck’s friend enable a database into his brain. Here the story takes another twist…

Doctor who

It is hard to find out anybody, who has not heard about this extremely popular TV show. It is possible to consider about its popularity by means of number of episodes and time on the air. Starting with the 1963 it is still running and brings joy to its fans.

The Big Bang Theory

This is the story of two geeks Leonard and Sheldon, who are flat mates. They are both physicists and are found of comics. Their life changes, when a new neighbor – hot girl Penny moves in. TV series represents a great story of human relations, which is closely twisted with the scientific sphere.

Battlestar Galactica

It is a fascinating story, which depicts adventures of the Galactica spaceship and its crew. Being started in the 1978, the film lasted until the 2003. The plot of the film became the inspiration for numerous remixes, comics and video games.


These science fiction TV series offer outstanding plot about the secret organization, which is called Dollhouse. People, who work here are compared with dolls, since they lost their memories and are not quite sure what is happening. The girl Echo appears to be unlike other people and starts to realize real circumstances.

These intriguing TV shows can become great entertainment for a free evening or even can bring an inspiration to write a scientific paper or to undertake some course. Satisfy your inner geek, enjoy these great programs and deep yourself into the scientific world.

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