Opinion Essay. How to write

Tips on how to write an opinion essay

Teachers often ask students to write an opinion essay about a controversial topic. It is not an easy task as you should express your personal opinion and feeling about something in a proper way. You should support your opinions with credible evidence and logical arguments. The length of your composition depends on your objective. However, it is better to follow the basic five-paragraph essay structure if you feel uncertain of your writing skills. Let`s find out what the basic elements and steps of the opinion essay writing are.

Choose a topic you feel passionately about

First of all, find a controversial or debatable topic for your opinion essay. It might be the most difficult part of your writing process as you should choose something that really interests you. This type of writing assignment is based on your personal opinion so it is important to write about the topic you feel strongly and passionately about. Do some profound research on the topic to check if your thoughts about it are correct and logical. Take notes on facts, statistics, ideas, and figures which you can use a bit later. Think of the reasons why you should develop this particular issue. Remember, that you should also research your opposition`s point of view thoroughly in order to anticipate any weaknesses or holes in your arguments that might happen during the writing process.

Construct the outline

A thought-out outline can help you produce the final work twice as fast. It is essential to construct a good outline before you start to write your essay. A successful opinion essay should have an introductory paragraph, a main body, and a conclusion. Fill your outline with the most important information that you have found during your research. Your writing will be much easier with the information organized.

Write the introduction paragraph

The first paragraph of your text should cause the interest in your audience. State your thesis clearly. Explain your readers why this topic is so important to you. Provide several reasons for your opinion. You should prove that your thesis statement is true. Your opening paragraph should be the road map that defines the path your opinion essay takes. Here you can use all your creativity to contrive a hook element of your essay and add some artistic touches.

Develop your body paragraphs

A main body of your opinion essay should consist of several paragraphs that will present separate viewpoints. Each paragraph should contain a topic sentence that will sum up your main idea. You can use various methods such as comparison/contrast or cause-and-effect reasoning to support the main points of your essay. Make sure that your supporting statements match the type of essay you are writing. Make your arguments professional-sounding. Be careful not to be too sarcastic. Join the sentences with appropriate phrases and linking words. Avoid emotional language and don`t express any accusation. They can be also used to join one paragraph with each other. Use phrases like ‘in addition’, ‘first of all’, ‘to sum up’ in the beginning of each paragraph. Express you own opinion using ‘I believe’, ‘I think’ or ‘In my opinion’. You can also mention other viewpoints with phrases like ‘Some people think’ or ‘some people say’ and explain whether you agree or disagree with them.

Write a strong conclusion

Conclusion is the last paragraph of your argumentative essay. You should summarize all arguments and remind your readers of the importance of your topic. Leave your audience with a final question or thought. You can also tell people what you would like them to do as a result. Include a bibliography in the appropriate format at the very end.

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