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Is it possible to learn to drive without having your own car?

Drivers are down from previous years in the U.S. It is now official that most Americans learn to drive when they are adults, instead of teens, which was the case not too long ago.

So it naturally becomes harder to learn to pass your test once you’re an adult. As all the benefits have gone, you’ve got from being a hapless teen, trying to learn while living under your mom’s and dad’s roof.

The benefits of being able to use dad’s car for practice has gone now because you live in a different state.  But do not worry because there is always a way. The first process, if you would like to drive, is to get your learners permit which will require a written test. No, it is not a tough essay, just traffic rules.  Once you have passed this, you are able to get to the next stage and that is practice. The best way is to always practice with a licensed driving instructor. This way you will learn from the experts, the people that know what it takes to pass the test.

Some people decide to try and learn with relatives or friends which would not be my recommendation, as they may know how to drive but they will not know how to pass the test. These tests now get changed very frequently, so people do not know what to expect. Even if your friend passed his test 2 years ago, its best not to trust his methods of passing the test as they have probably already been changed.

Hire a professional instructor or pass the course online

Once you have found an instructor you feel comfortable with, the instructor should inform you of the test roads you will have to go on to pass your test. The instructors usually have all this information for you and this is another benefit of using an instructor. There are some states that also require you to take drivers education course. In Texas, for example, this course is a six-hour course, which can be taken in a classroom or online.

Once you have had some practice with your instructor you should be feeling more confident behind the wheel. Now you could also practice driving with a friend. Now the only way this can be done is if your friend is willing to rent a car with you and allow you to drive. Obviously, this friend of yours will need to be a good one that trusts you because you will be going against the rules in the contract of the rental car company. You should not be driving a rental car if you do not have a license.

Your friend will have to sign all documents in taking the rental car out and your friend would be liable for any problems if there were any. So as I said, a good friend is needed. Once you are out with the rental car, it will be good to practice with another car because all cars feel different. So this will give you a good understanding of this, obviously, it is best to practice away from any busy roads and away from traffic.

Get help from car owners

Now if you have no friends who are willing to take this risk with a rental car, there are some sites which allow you to connect with people with cars. People, who are willing to allow you to drive their car for money, of course. So there are always ways to learn to drive without having your own car. These are just some ways it can be done. None of these are too expensive, so you will be on the road driving in no time.

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