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What is the American dream? Everyone knows about it and nevertheless, the discussion on this topic is still underway. There are different opinions and visions. Therefore, despite the fact that millions of essays about the American Dream have been written in the world, each new work can reveal the topic from a new angle.
Starting to perform the task you need to understand what exactly the teacher wants to get from you – what is the essence of his task.

So What Is the American Dream Essay?

An essay is a genre of philosophical, literary-critical, journalistic and fiction literature. This is a text of a small volume on a particular issue, written in a free, individually-authorial manner of presentation. This means that all the frames and limitations are conditional. You can search for non-standard storytelling methods and provide information as you wish.
As for the American dream essay, you can choose not only the format but also the idea and topic, for example:

  • What is the American dream for me?
  • How do foreigners see the idea of the American dream?
  • How does cinema affect the concept of the American dream?
  • Is the American dream different for older and younger generations of Americans?
  • Hope and money – what is the American dream for immigrants
  • The American dream in our genes – the historical view
  • The Development of the American dream in literature

Writing an Essay Step by Step

  1. Always remember the main idea. Prepare the American dream essay outline and follow it. All your text should be a broad answer to one question. Expand the topic, supplement your thoughts with new and new arguments, but don’t forget what you wanted to say at the beginning.
  2. Any text, even essay free from restrictions, should begin with an introduction. It is important to convey what you want to tell in your work and interest the reader. There are several ways to make your work original (literary hooks), but we will tell about this later. Remember that the introduction is a kind of intrigue, which should be gradually disclosed in the text.
  3. Keep going. The body partis time to tell everything you wanted about the American dream. It will be great if you can compare several points of view, express your opinion, add a few quotes from great people. Artistic literary elements will only decorate your work. Don’t be shy with epithets and metaphors. The more colorful your vocabulary is, the more the reader will believe in the sincerity of your words.
  4. Make a conclusion. The final part may be short and concise. Summarize everything you said before. Do not enter new arguments or new information. It is important to lead the reader to the conclusion. But you can let him interpret the text and your ideas in his own way. The perfect essay makes the reader think about its topic for a long time.

Promised Hooks

Remember that the intro part determines whether the reader will master the entire American dream paper or just take a look at the text. Literary hooks for the American dream essay will make the teacher read your work from cover to cover, and classmates will listen to you with an open mouth. There are several types of hooks that you can use to gain attention:

Open question. Ask the reader something at the beginning of the text. Make him think and want to find the answer.

Joke. Humor is a universal language, it allows the reader to smile and relax. It also makes your text more understandable and closer to life.

Statistics and interesting facts. Figures and proven facts are good arguments for your point of view. They help to visualize abstract things. Try to make the numbers understandable. For example, one thing is when we say “60 million Americans think so”, and another thing is “every fifth American agrees with this statement”.

Quotes. The reader will believe you more if your point of view was shared by one of the great Americans or heroes of famous books. A quotation may be appropriate both at the beginning of the essay and at the end, summing up.

Be sure to check the text and correct the mistakes. Try to postpone the finished work for a day and then read with a fresh look. You can also read the work for someone you trust. Listen to the advice, but remember that the custom essay should contain only your thoughts.

And most important – be honest. When you write about things that you believe in, the text will be much more interesting and emotional. The teacher or any other reader will definitely notice and appreciate it.

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