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Advice for Students: 10 Steps Toward Better Writing

Throughout our life we face a lot of activities, related to writing. Especially it concerns the students of humanitarian departments, where essays and think pieces are the wide-spread and the most commonly used method of knowledge control. For sure, excellent writing skills result not only in high grades, but also in your future achievements.

Correct formulation of your thoughts and ideas will be useful for performing business correspondence, ability to find required words and phrases will bring benefit and improve your communication skills. So if you decided to work over your writing and upgrade your level within this activity, the following advices, which suit for any kind of writing, can bring you some growth and advance.

Handle the situation

Usually all students receive their writing tasks beforehand. Teachers take all the risks and possible obstacles into consideration and add week or two to real time limit. Unfortunately, the majority of students are not disposed to immediate dealing with the task. They lay the paper aside and can remember about it only before the deadline. The first step to your success is timely start and hasteless performance. You need time for generating ideas, writing and few days for revision and grammar check. Believe that your work will be more efficient, if you work over paper under no stress or pressure of time limitation.

Plan your actions

There should be always a plan. For sure this is great, when a person can orientate himself/herself in unexpected or not planned situation and improvise on the fly. But in most cases the variant with the plan is the most effective mean of brilliant writing. Think what you want to write about and prepare step by step strategy for paper execution.

Start where you want

If you cannot select the entry words for your paper or stuck with the title, do not get upset about it. You can begin with some drafts or start with the second paragraph. Gradually, thinking processes will be activated and you will succeed in completing the whole paper. The first step is the hardest, and then the wave of creativity and fantasy will sweep your over.

Write drafts

Feel free while writing, do not be bent on the grammar and structure requirements and express all your ideas, even the most ridiculous ones. You can correct and revise your drafts later, but your unrestricted train of thoughts can direct you into new streams and unexplored areas. So the only thing you should do is just write and generate all your witness and creativity.

Avoid plagiarism

Try to make your paper a brilliant piece of writing and do not refer to similar works of other authors. For sure, you can read and consider the information of the related sources, but do not rewrite or use the same phrases. Such writing will be poor and it can hardly develop and improve your own skills.

Follow instructions expertly

It is very important not to follow the requirements blindly, but to customize them to a particular situation. Thus, if you see that you exceed the page limit, but some important thoughts or considerations should be mentioned, just do it. Writing is a creative activity, which sometimes cannot be restricted or made typical wise. It is better to create complete and full paper with one extra page then to write required number of pages without conclusions.

Try not to use Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a strong informative source from which you should start your investigation. But do not use quotations from Wikipedia or rewrite the ideas. Your task is to consider the things more deeply and write about them in more interesting and comprehensible way.

Focus on the goal of your paper

Each sentence of your paper should be aimed on explaining and revealing of the goal, which you set in the paper. Do not make big divagations or considerations, which have nothing in common with your topic and idea, which you want to report to your readers. Each word and phrase should be directed on the right conclusions and be the part of your aim achievement.

Do not forget about proofreading

Even the most interesting and superb writing will be hardly treated with respect and acknowledgment, if it has a lot of grammar mistakes and misspellings. After completing your writing, perform one or two revisions. It is better to double check, since sometimes it is hard to look for the mistakes in your own text. Sometimes writers use the backwards proofreading, which is said to be very effective.

Make conclusions

The last paragraph of your paper should include the strongest thoughts and ideas of your work. Complete the reasonable and logical conclusions on the basis of your information, written above. Explain what the aim of your research was and what decision you arrived at. That would be interesting for your readers and will accomplish the logical structure of your paper.

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