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Read the whole book in a day? Easy!

Do you lack time and put off the reading of your favorite book every day? Are you pressed for time to read the book as your home task? You have nothing to worry about as reading the whole book during one day is possible and we will give you this secret off now!

Let`s look at the figures, which will help you realize that quick and effective reading is possible. The average adult reads 200-400 words per minute, the average novel covers 60,000-100,000 words. Let`s think you read 300 words per minute and the book has 80,000 words, then you will need 5 hours or even less to finish it.

It may still seem not real, but you can do that without high speed, losing some information or skipping some descriptions. Everything you need is to make time, choose your favorite place and start as soon as you can.

Look for the appropriate place for reading

Your task is to try to hide yourself from different things which may distract you, as distraction is the main reason for losing time. The Internet, games, friends and even people you don`t know will certainly pull you away from the book.

Hide yourself from everything, from every single sound which may distract you. You can find the lonely place somewhere in the library, or you can sit locked in your room, or in the park where there aren`t many people. If it`s too difficult for you to hide from sounds then you can use noise-cancelling headphones which will certainly help.

It`s obvious you will look for some comfortable place to read, but be careful here as well. It`s better to read sitting on a chair near a table rather than lying on comfortable couch, pillow or bed. Even the researches prove that being near your comfortable bed and pillow, will make fall asleep quicker. So, it`s better to go somewhere not to be distracted.

Make breaks and stay active

It`s quite difficult to keep willpower to devote yourself to the completion of a single task. Even if the book seems really interesting for you, it`s better to make some breaks, as without them you will get bored in some period of time and lose your motivation, the information will mix up in your mind.

It`s a good idea to set a timer which will start every 20 minutes, and you will change your activities for 5-10 minutes. You can do whatever you like but it should be active, you can play video games, listen to music, dance, have a walk but it shouldn`t be connected with the topic of the book you are reading. Make yourself a break to get more strength to go on reading with fresh mind.

Instead of timing, you can also separate the book into several chapters yourself and put bookmarks, when you reach one, then you can make something pleasant for you. For example, you can eat some sweets, or play a video game etc.

Make the notes

While reading you can make some notes or highlight the information which seems useful for you and worth remembering. You can note unknown words, character descriptions, thoughts. This will make your reading more interesting.

The authors of How to Read a Book offer to write a book review including the following 4 steps:

  1. Decide the subject matter of the book.
  2. Write what the whole book is about, make it in a short and clear way.
  3. List the main parts of the book as they were presented.
  4. Try to define the main problems which are discussed in the book.

If you do this, you will have necessary information which you may need for essay or discussion gathered already. Do this while reading, when you remember all details you`d like to note. So you won`t need to look through the text again and again to recall some facts.

If you have time you can expand your notes, look for the words definition and check the moments which you don`t understand.

The influence of food on the process

Reading process can wear you out as well. Even if the book is interesting and you`re making some active breaks, you can lose your enthusiasm. You can get one of the most popular drugs, caffeine. Taking some caffeinated beverages has both positive and negative sides, so let`s check some useful information:

  • Don`t take the caffeinated beverage at the beginning of your reading, you should feel when you need it the most. It`s not always at the start, you can drink something during the reading, as you should remember you are to get to the very end of the book.
  • Don`t take caffeinated beverages which will bump you at once, take something to sip that will gradually introduce caffeine into your body.
  • Don`t drink beverages with much sugar, check it carefully, a little sugar is okay but not tones of it.

Food is also important for quick reading, taking much sugar is not good. Here are several rules which will help you choose the most appropriate food for a snack:

  • Food shouldn`t be greasy or wet, as you may bedaub the book;
  • Food can be easy eaten without looking at it;
  • You can eat it with one hand;
  • Food is easy to chew.

Of course, you are to be careful with a book, especially if it isn`t yours or you want to sell it, so it`s better to have paper towels near you not to harm the pages. Even if you have eaten pizza, for instance, during the break, make sure your hands are clean. Also if the plot is becoming boring and nothing interesting happens, instead of just waiting for better changes in the book, have a snack during the reading.

Choose the book instead of smartphone

It may seem unreal for you to dedicate 5 hours of your day to reading, but you do this almost every day. The recent researches by UK’s University of Lancaster show that average people spend approximately 5 hours a day using their devices, they read news, Facebook, Twitter, profiles etc. You can successfully change your phone into the book.

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