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How to write about your life`s bitter moments

A lot of students may wonder why they are asked to write about their failures and weak sides in order to enter the university and become a successful student. In fact, such topic can help you show all your creativity, talents, strong points, and maturity. You prove that you can be a good student as you can learn something from your mistakes and turn your bad experience into something positive.

Your failure can reveal your personal confidence and growth. It can help you become a better person. Of course, it is not easy to write on such theme, but it is just your sincerity and originality that can make your essay really successful. Just be yourself and tell your story.

Here are some tips that can help you write about moments when you experienced the situation when something went wrong.

Avoid judgment and excessive emotions

It is a huge mistake to blame others for your failures in your essay. You just show that you have learnt nothing from this life lesson. The committee members can decide that you can`t be the part of the college community as you are not able to be responsible for your own actions and even don`t want to admit it. Share your life experience without angering, disappointing, or hurting others. Your essay should represent you in a positive way. Judgment, disregard and excessive emotions are unnecessary in this case. Just tell about what happened to you in the most straightforward way. Impress readers with your story providing them with interesting dialogues, descriptions of people and places, and specific details. People should empathize with you.

Show what you have learned from your failure

Don`t be afraid to reveal your mistakes. Your ability to evaluate yourself in different situations that can happen in your life is very important for the admissions officers. You should demonstrate clearly what lesson you have learnt from your failure and how it will affect your future. The main points of your essay will be considered seriously so use your contemplation and critical thinking skills at full capacity. Show your readers that even if you face some problems you can find the right way-out and move on. Remember, that your mistake can be the first step to your further success. The committee will definitely say that you are a responsible and self-aware student who deserves to become a successful specialist.

Share your experience without morals

The main task of your essay is to reveal your nature and character. Attract the attention to your personality sharing your unique story with your readers. Of course, it is not easy to talk about some bad moments of your life but it shows that you are a vigorous person who is able to analyze his or her actions critically. Don`t destroy the general impression of your essay by summing up all your experience at the end. Just reveal your real thoughts, emotions, tell about your values, and show your writing ability. All these things will be really appreciated.

 Don`t grandstand

‘No grandstanding!’ is the main rule. It is really a bad idea to show off yourself by pretending that you know everything.

Don`t write something predictable and obvious

Avoid the obvious answer. It won`t be appreciated by your admissions officers. Be creative and try to tell something interesting and catching even if it is about your failure. There are a lot of great ideas that can be used as your topic. You can write about a failure to listen to someone`s advice, a failure to behave appropriately, or a failure to act when t was necessary. Your main task is not to make your essay boring and clichéd.

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