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Guidelines – How to Make your Best Essay Scholarship

The personal essay

It’s the most difficult part of the entire scholarship paper. But it’s also the part where you can show your real personality. Be successful with all these recommendations below from the most popular scholarship providers:

  • Think carefully before writing your paper to generate your most creative, freshest and brightest thoughts.
  • Provide the outline to help you put all the ideas in the right order and start writing.
  • Turn on your originality to make your essay stand out from the rest.
  • Be specific in your demonstration of the paper, use stories, various anecdotes and examples to distinguish the writing from others.
  • By using individual style to avoid unclearness and impress your potential readers.
  • Don’t be boring simply listing all your achievements
  • Determine the theme you are going to present and convey that summarizes the impression you want to make. Provide your experiences to develop that theme.
  • Get acquainted with the audience.
  • Use this incredible opportunity to show that you’re very good representative.
  • Let your essay be readable and neat.
  • Be sure that the paper is correctly-typed. Check out that there are a lot of white space on the page, the text should be double-spaced and make margins 1-1/2 on all sides.
  • Proofread attentively, make sure that everything is well-written, verify grammar and spelling.
  • Give your essay to friends or teachers because another pair of eyes may find mistakes you can miss.

Common essay questions

So, let’s find out the most frequently asked essay questions and utilize them to get ready for your scholarship application.

Your Field of Study and Academic Plans

There are scholarship applications that can ask you to describe your field of study. These questions will decide how good you are really interested in your specialization and know everything about it.


  • Is it your area of specialization so popular now?
  • Explain the importance of your major nowadays?
  • Why do you want to be………?
  • Why did you choose this field?
  • Are there any issues in the industry of….?

Present Events and Actual Social Issues

Do you know what is going on in the world? It is important to check your problem-solving skills and how you modern you are on current events, most scholarship applications deal with prominent problems and issues in the society.


  • What do you find to be the most important problem? How to solve it?
  • Are there social problems within your school?
  • What can we do to prevent social issues?
  • What do you consider to be the greatest threat to the environment today?
  • Is there public assistance in your country?

Individual Achievements

You can meet some scholarships that ask you to tell about your best achievements. Use this nice chance to brag a little!


  • What is your greatest accomplishment?
  • How do your achievements relate to your area of specialization and future plans?
  • What motivates you to achieve the set goals?
  • Is it essential to have the leadership ability to be successful in the life?
  • Discuss your significant accomplishment that stands out you from others.

Future goals and plans

Be ready to share your future plans and goals!


  • Do you need the financial aid to cover tuition?
  • What factors affect to lose the grants  next year?
  • Who helps you to finance your college education?
  • From a financial viewpoint, what influence might this scholarship have on the education?

Influences and Background

Who are you? Where have you been? So, some scholarship wants you to tell about your influences and background.


  • Choose the experience from the life and explain how it has affected your development.
  • How has the family background influenced the way you perceive the environment?
  • How has the education related to who you are today?
  • What influences you to make good choices?
  • How educational background help you to live in abundance?

Random topics

Some questions are not related to education topic, but they are used by committees to evaluate your creativity and get the accurate understanding of your personality.


  • Choose books you like that have affected you profoundly and try to explain why.
  • Select a person you admire and appreciate and try to explain why.
  • Describe your views on the modern painting.
  • Tell about your favorite actor or actress.
  • What is in your life what you like most of all?

We can’t anticipate each essay questions but knowing the most frequent ones may help you to be a constant winner in applications.

Remember, when you are filling out the scholarship application form, it should be always creative, authentic, complete and concise. An audience that read this type of paper wants to know the real you, not simply the name. Try to emphasize here on your motivations, ambitions and how it makes you nifty from others. Be specific and original! See more essay scholarships examples here:

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