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It always seems that an application letter is one of the easiest parts of your way to a new job. But this is until you sit down to write it. How to make a letter interesting? How to keep the structure? In this article, we will help you to stand out among your competitors by preparing an excellent letter of application.

Start from Preparing

First of all, you should clarify what an application letter is. This is an additional document that you send to your employer along with your CV. It is not 100% mandatory, but many companies note that they do not consider resumes without a cover letter. Moreover, writing such a letter will help you tell more about yourself and show what kind of person you are. So, you should better know how to write a job application. Take this seriously, it can affect your future life.

Study the job description up and down. Note what skills you already have and what you may need to improve. In your letter, you can show that you assess yourself properly if you mention this aspect.

Find out everything you can about the company. It is very important to personalize the letter depending on the position and the company. Also, see how the company communicates with the audience itself. Can you find jokes or funny pictures on social networks? This may affect your writing style in a job letter, for example:

  • academic, if we are talking about state structure;
  • quite formal, if it is a field of law or finance;
  • or free enough if we are talking about creative agencies.

Try to find out who is responsible for hiring. It will be much better if you know what kind of person will read your application letter. This affects your style as well. Visit LinkedIn, Facebook. Also, indicating the name and position at the beginning of the letter will show that you have been attentive to the matter and spent your personal time to prepare better.

Job Letter Itself

Now it’s time to start writing. In this section, you will learn how to write an application letter and not to forget about the most important points.

Heading or contact information. When an employer wants to meet you, he should not waste time searching for contacts. Please carefully enter all the information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Social media profile will be a benefit

You have already indicated this information in the CV, but the letter is a separate document, so it’s okay if you duplicate it.

Salutation. If you have done the preparatory work well, you know what to write. Anyway, don’t address it to “To whom it may concern”, better write “Dear [department] hiring manager”.

First paragraph. The introductory part is the most important, as the employer reads many letters a day, your task is to make him be interested in your letter from the first lines. In this part, you need to indicate which position you are applying for. What attracted you to this company, why did you choose it?

You can also tell how you found out about this vacancy (on the job search resource or on the company site itself). It would be great if someone from the staff told you about the vacancy. So, you make it clear that there is someone in the company who can recommend you.

The main part or part of self-praise (joke). Now it’s time to talk about yourself. But your whole story must obey the one idea: “I am the one you need”.  

You have already studied the job description and know what kind of person the company is looking for. Now you need to tell that you really have all these skills. Give an example, tell about the situation where you showed yourself in the best way. Underline your achievements, tell about the results that you are proud of.

Refer to your CV. In the application letter, you can comment on everything that was written in the resume. What has one or another experience taught you? How can you apply this knowledge in a new job? Summarize the above, but try not to repeat.

By the way, is it worth mentioning that all this must be true?

The last part. Thank the reader of your letter for his attention. Gently mention that you’ll be waiting for feedback and sign-off. Use a respectful close, such as “Best” or “Sincerely” and write your full name underneath.

How to Format a Job Letter

We have good news, you already know how to write a job letter, now it remains to make it attractive. Catch some simple tips:

  1. One page is more than enough. Better not to exceed 200-300 words.
  2. Use font about 12-14 points. Don’t make the reader strain one’s eyes.
  3. Divide the text into paragraphs.
  4. Follow one style with a resume, search for

And don’t worry, we are sure you will get the job of your dream!

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