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Learn how to write a winning news article

A news article discusses current news of either specific topic or a general interest. So what does it take to write like a real reporter? You should just give the facts to the audience clearly and concisely. Let`s find out how to present information in a specific way and develop your skills to write like a real professional.

Research your specific topic

You should know your topic really well to write a well structured and credible article. Conduct research that will give you a full understanding of your particular issue. Go to the library, surf the internet, interview important people. Get as much information as you can. Begin your writing process by asking yourself the ‘6W`s’: What? Who? Why? Where? How? When?

Write a list of facts

It is very important to compile all the facts in order not to leave any essential information out. Be as specific as possible when jotting down the key statements. Decide which facts should be definitely included in the article, which facts are interesting but not vital, and which ones are related but not important to the purpose of your text.

Know your audience

You have to know who you are going to write for. Your audience dictates the tone and voice of your news article. Is your audience national or local? What does it want out of your piece of writing?

Write an impressive title or headline

Think of the title that would be catchy and to the point. Be creative. Make your readers want to read this news article. It is interesting that most writers spend more time trying to create the perfect title than writing the article itself. The most important rules are: the first word is capitalized, the proper nouns are capitalized, and numbers are not spelled out.

Start with a strong leading sentence

Grab your readers` attention from the very first sentence. State the topic of your article. Provide a detailed preview of the entire story. Try to include all the basic facts.

Follow up with a well-written story

Explain why your information is so newsworthy. Tell about what exactly happened, where and when it took place. Don`t forget about the most relevant details and facts. Put the most critical information in the early paragraphs. Detail any events in the chronological order. Avoid passive voice. State your opinion about the situation as well. You should include any additional information that can help your readers learn about the event more. Such information may include additional facts about the people involved, contact information, or quotes from the interviews. When quoting somebody, write down what was said inside quotations and don`t forget to cite the reference with the person`s proper title. Always write out numbers one through nine.

 Write a conclusion

Write a good concluding sentence to make you news article finished and complete. Give your audience something to take away. You can indicate potential future developments or current solutions relating to the topic.

Proofread your news article

Check if your facts are correct. Check all names, dates, addresses, and contact information. You should write accurately to establish yourself as a competent writer. Make sure you have followed your outline and have been consistent with the proper style. Ensure you have kept your writing objective and unbiased.

Let the editor take a look at your article

The editor will help you find and eliminate any possible grammatical and spelling mistakes. He or she will also simplify awkward sentences and trim down certain sections. Make sure that what you have written is accurate and relevant.

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