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How to Write a Narrative Essay

When we start talking about useful tips on essay writing, the first thing we should distinguish is: what is a narrative essay? It`s a kind of assignment, where a writer tells a story of own experience. It`s interesting for most people, especially when it`s written in a good manner. But the main feature of this kind of assignment is that the story should convey some meaning, it should show the lesson, which can be learned by everyone.

We offer you to check the following useful tips how to write a narrative essay.

Prewriting stage

This part of essay writing is of great importance, as you should think about your experience in the context of a theme of your work. Remember that even some incident can be good to dwell on a chosen theme and prove the goal achievement. The essay is better, when the writer has felt it through, has shown true feelings and emotions. You can get more info here:

When you have looked through the topics and chosen the one you like, recall details needed, season, people, setting. Don`t skip small details, sometimes they convey great ideas. Outline of an essay is a good helper.

Draft an essay

Make your essay alive and emotional, note the following advice on effective writing:

  • It`s better to write an essay using the pronoun ā€œIā€, as it engages the reader and catches attention, it`s the most common way of personal narrative essay writing.
  • Don`t omit some details, as readers have no idea of a story you are telling, sometimes this can cause misunderstanding.
  • Your task is to describe a situation, your feelings not just tell about them. Use appropriate words and sentence structure, you should impress your readers.
  • Don`t ignore some elements of fiction, make your story interesting with some writing techniques.

Revise an essay

This stage is concentrated on the revision, aimed at making an essay better. Pay attention to the following while rereading your assignment:

  • Are the events written in a logical sequence? Will the readers get the idea?
  • Is the theme of your essay common? Does it include details that distract readers` attention?
  • Do you write in descriptive manner or rather informative?
  • Have you effectively conveyed the main idea of an essay? Will the reader manage to grasp your idea?

It`s up to a writer where to reveal the significance own experience. For example, some can insert this information in the first paragraph, others keep it till the end. You should decide this on your own, what will be more interesting for your readers.

Edit an essay

Here you are to check the style of your essay, whether you have followed all the requirements. You should also check grammar and other errors. Proofread your assignment by yourself and if you have a friend, then ask him/her to look through your essay as well.

Presenting an essay

It is always a bit nervous to present your own essay to the class. But you should overcome all the fears, remember that any feedbacks good and bad are in the favor of your improvement, just move on.

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