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Helpful Tips for Writing a Five Paragraph Essay

If you are going to write the essay for standardized tests, you should definitely know what to expect and how to perform the paper that divided into several parts. Maybe, it sounds strange and causes fear in the minds and hearts of mostly students. Don’t worry! But that’s not the case, read given tips below, and be prepared to decide any essay writing prompt.

The typical format for such composition is the five paragraph essay, which paragraphs, then keep reading!

The First Paragraph – Intro

Remember, the introduction plays the most important role in your essay because it gives directions for the whole paper. In this part, you have to introduce the topic and catch reader’s attention with interesting and clear content.

The best way to provide persuasive introduction is to:

  • Describe what your essay is about and it main its main idea, only in one sentence. To make this essay academic level, you may use the question and essay writing prompt.
  • Arrange the thesis statement or what you are going to say about the main idea. Using the question as the writing prompt, the thesis hear is usually the answer to the question.
  • Make a list of three points or arguments to sustain the thesis.

And now, your introduction paragraph is ready!

The Second, Third and Fourth Paragraphs – Auxiliary Details

It’s time to form the main body of the essay! These three paragraphs should include such details as concrete statistics, facts, examples, and quotes for the three supported points that are given in the thesis.

 The following listed tips help you to tackle each body paragraph:

  • First, write a topic sentence that sums up your points. It will be the first sentence of the paragraph.
  • Second, give your reasons or why you consider the topic sentence is properly used.
  • Finally, introduce your convictions, to uphold your arguments.

The Fifth and Last Paragraph – Conclusion

The final paragraph should summarize the essay. It is not easy to write this part; it usually requires more time than other paragraphs. In the conclusion, you have to reiterate all thesis and combine it with the body of the paper in a sentence that accounts for how each point sustains the thesis. Try to keep persuasive and clear manner while writing the final sentence. Make sure you don’t add any new information in conclusion.

So, you are ready, easily get through each paragraph and don’t be failed!

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