How to write a descriptive essay about a place

Tips on writing a winning descriptive essay

A lot of students are asked to write a descriptive essay as it is a great way to develop the creative writing skills. Your task is to create a vivid picture of a particular place that had a great impact on you. You can easily pass your unforgettable experience through this fun writing challenge and transport your readers somewhere new by using strong descriptions and sensory details. Your primary goal is to give your audience a rich experience of the place.

The ability to describe places will definitely serve you well in many careers. So, brainstorm ideas and start to write an essay about the place you will always remember. Just follow these simple guidelines to make your essay perfect.

 Brainstorm ideas for your essay

It is very important to organize your ideas and prepare to write. Focus on a specific place you have strong feelings about. Write down as many details about this particular place as you can. Your vivid memory will help you describe it just perfectly. A descriptive essay requires the vibrant experiences about the place. Decide for yourself why this place is worth describing.

Make a list of sensory details

Write down as many details as you can about your unforgettable place based on five senses – ‘sound’, ‘touch’, ‘smell’, ‘taste’, ‘sight’. These notes will help you compose your essay in an interesting and structured way.

Create a brief outline

Outline your essay in such sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. Consist of paragraphs in your main body as you need to meet your writing assignment requirements and describe the place thoroughly.

 Write a strong introduction

Your introduction should set the scene and grab the readers` attention. Tell them why this place is so important for you.  End the introduction with a thesis statement that will be the key idea of your essay and will state its purpose. Provide your audience with a brief background about the place.

Describe your place in an expressive way

Your essay body should express sounds, feelings, smells, tastes, and sights of the place. Describe the place by the exact location and name. Give your readers the opportunity to develop a mental picture of how the place looks like. Make them feel an emotional connection and deep appreciation for the place`s significance. Use the most diverse adjectives to express your emotions and convey the visual image. Let your descriptors flow freely. Use metaphors, similes, and adverbs to make your essay more flowery. Make your language exciting in order to captivate your audience. Provide the facts that support your descriptions.

 Wrap up your essay with a strong conclusion

You don`t have to add any new information in the conclusion. Just evaluate your thoughts and explain why this place made such impact on you. You can restate your thesis statement to remind your readers of the main idea of your text. Make them believe that the place you have described is just amazing. Explain the significance of the place and highlight the good experience about it.

 Polish the essay

Read the essay to see if your description truly recreates the place you had in your mind. Revise the unclear and awkward sentences. Show your essay to others to find out if it is really descriptive and full of sensory detail. Revise your text for length and clarity. Remove any unnecessary information, slang, and clichés. Make sure that your descriptions are logical and clear. Check if your grammar and spelling are correct. Proofread your essay until it is at its best.

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