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Learning language in the native-speaking environment

Travelling gives a great opportunity to experience the colorfulness and uniqueness of another culture; however, for those who are trying to learn a new language, spending time in the native-speaking environment can be invaluable in terms of learning experience. It is a sure-fire way for those who would like to improve their knowledge of language faster and more effectively.

Learning basics

Before going to the country, language of which is completely unfamiliar to you, take your time to learn basic phrases. You will need to know what to say at the airport, how to get around the city of your destination and simply how to introduce yourself and ask for help when needed.

Communicate with locals

Arriving at the foreign country might be scary and uncomfortable, and there might be a huge desire to stay inside. However, if you are determined to improve your language skills, you need to go out, no matter how hard it is. The more you immerse yourself into the native-speaking surrounding, the better. It might be frightening, but often locals are very friendly. In fact, they appreciate that you are trying to learn their language, so they will help you without any judgment.


Adjusting to the new country might not be easy in terms of way of life, cultural differences and, most importantly, language. If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by new surrounding, make sure you get yourself a physical dictionary and a brochure with some basic phrases. Also, getting a mobile application for a smartphone is a must for a traveling student. It is advisable to have both options of a dictionary, paper one and digital, as different situations will require different approaches.


Living and communicating in the native-speaking surrounding is an amazing way to learn a new language; however, studying process should not end up at this stage if you really want to learn. Reading books in a foreign language is a great way to improve your skills and knowledge. If you are a complete beginner, you may buy a book for children. It might sound strange, but such method proved itself to be quite helpful, as reading more complicated literature can be frustrating for a beginner.


When you have already arrived at the foreign country, go to the cinema. Watching movies is a great way of improving your knowledge, as this method combines entertainment and a learning process. Don’t feel frustrated if you don’t understand every word. The benefit is that you will definitely pick up some new vocabulary and will have a chance to get more familiar with the pronunciation.

Learning a new language is a challenging experience and requires a lot of patience and determination. If you have a chance to travel to the country language of which you would like to learn, do so. For sure, living in the native-speaking surrounding is one of the best ways to learn language faster so far.

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