How to Improve My Learning?

6 Rules People Live By to Learn Faster and Better Than Everyone Else

Learning new things always has a significant and positive impact on everyone’s life, for the career or self-development. A crucial fact about learning is that a person should have a desire and reasons for studying, or else learning will lose its natural sense.

If you force yourself to study, this will help you to pass exams or cope with some challenges, but you won’t remember those things for long. To enrich your mind with valuable ideas, theories and experiences, you need to have a passion for learning.

Successful people nowadays know how to learn faster and more productive. They form new habits, change their behavior or ways of living, and create specific learning styles. In the list below, you will find six most effective rules for learning faster and better.

Make Your Learning More Effective with These Tips

1. Connect all things that you learn.

If you memorize all the information you need, it will stay in your memory for only a short period of time. This is a wrong method for learning because you will have to go back and read everything one more time. Have you known that a successful person does not memorize information, but connects all the things and creates logical chains in a hisher brain? Studies have shown that learning by making connections and using associations is really efficient.

2. Multi-tasking is excluded.

The ability to multi-task is a skill the employers look for in their potential employees. However, a person should be careful with this thing: if you perform too many things at once, there is a chance that you will have a lack of concentration. So, while learning, concentrate on this process and don’t let yourself be distracted by social media or other unnecessary things.

3. Always practice.

When you learn something for a particular purpose, it is obvious that you should repeat this information and read it over and over again. If you develop a skill, practice it every day in order to improve it and become a master. To learn faster and better, focus on repetition of the concepts and theories.

4. Rely on coaches and teachers.

It is useful to learn from your own experience since you can determine what is important and useful, and what is needless or non-effective. However, successful people today tend to find teachers and experts who will help them with learning. If you have a coach who gives you instructions for learning particular subjects, you will have more time and efforts for doing other things. Besides, those people share their own strategies and standards that have a great value.

5. Use the 80/20 rule.

This rule is called the Paleto principle and is well known among most successful people of the past few decades. The 20 percent mean the learning materials or information you need to remember, and the 80 percent mean the result you will get. You need to put only 20 percent of effort by breaking your task into several parts and choose the most significant ones for learning. In the end, it will give you around 80 percent of the result.

6. Keep a student mind.

Always having an appetite for learning is one of the most useful rules that successful people use in their lives. Feel yourself like a student who has a passion for learning new things and developing skills. Because if you present yourself as an expert in a certain field, that means you are aware of every concept. So keep a student mind and never stop learning.

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