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Useful Tips on How to Conclude an Essay Properly

The conclusion is an integral part of the essay and it should meet all requirements. It usually ties everything together and introduces your paper as a cohesive unit. The final part should express a full sense of completeness. Here you find out how to conclude an essay properly.

To provide a sense of closure, you may do one of the following:

  • Link the last paragraph to the first keeping word or phrase you’ve used at the beginning.
  • Write your final sentence involving one-syllable words. Use mostly simple language; it would definitely help you build an effect of understated drama.
  • Conclude with the compound or parallel sentences, they can create a sense of balance or order.
  • Consider the question “So what?”. It can help you dig up the surface of the ideas easily.
  • Try to start your final part with a small and simple transition.
  • Summarize some of the main points concisely.
  • Keep your conclusion sweet and short (5-7 sentences long).
  • Sound authoritative. It means using the right words relying on solid evidence and believing in your strong ability to write.
  • Here you can find some essay conclusion samples that might help you finish properly:

To finish the discussion without closing it off, you might do the following:

In order to conclude effectively, you can choose a quotation that reinforces your viewpoint or puts it in a various perspective. A correctly picked up quotation may add clearness and structure to the discussion. To complicate or confirm the final point, you can also use the words of the famous scholars or critics. For instance, you may end the essay where you wrote about home with James Joyce’s words, Dubliners, where Joyce expresses his own emotional state towards his home Dublin (read more here:

Finish by putting your discussion into a different context. For example, you can tell about nineteen – century journalism by connecting it with information about modern news magazine program like 60 Minutes. Another example, combination of the topic “Orange is the new black” with well-known American culture of imprisonment.

Conclude by considering your main argument. What does this argument hint on or suggest? For instance, the essay on the novel Ambiguous Adventure, by the outstanding author from Senegal, Cheikh Hamidou Kane, can be started with the idea that the main hero’s development demonstrates Kane’s belief in the integration of Western materialism and Sufi spirituality into modern Senegal.

Finally, some helpful recommendations how not to conclude the essay

  • Avoid the fluffy language. Don’t exaggerate with two-dollar and high-flying words.
  • Don’t simply restate your thesis.
  • Stay away from the new material in the conclusion.
  • Don’t concentrate your attention on the minor issue or point.
  • Eschew such phrases as “in conclusion”, “in summary” and “to sum up”. These phrases are more used in oral presentations.
  • Don’t apologize for your ideas or heavily qualifying language usage.
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