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Like a big monster, social networks are devouring young students’ attention, and they spend online on Facebook, Twitter, Google or Instagram many hours. In some way, it has many negative effects on the student’s life, including decreased school performance and a major obsession with online social life. Even though most students tend to believe that their smartphones are a great tool to improve knowledge, the time spent online mostly dedicated to non-educative content. Moreover, it is impossible for them to turn the smartphone off during the seminars or lectures, as they continue to dive in social networking.

Almost 99% percent of content students are looking for has nothing in common with their study, and they start to split up their attention in many ways. Less common to find students who are looking to read for pleasure, enjoyment, or knowledge, but instead they are seized by modern viral content from social networks. Such activity has led to the reduced use and development of the young people’s brain. As a result, students are having lower grades, poor performance and become stressful.

Reading is not a single factor that suffers from the intensive impact of social networks on education. Another important detail is present in this context – writing. The social media apps and resources make impossible the writing process. In addition, most smartphones have a special text-function that allows you avoid mistakes even if you misspelled a word initially. That aspect creates many issues for students when they are trying to pass exams in writing forms. Simple words and sentence structures become so hard for those youngsters, who spend their time in social networks.

And the last, but not least factor, is the usage of libraries. Most students learned how to find needful information online, which is extremely reduced the research aspect. Thus, they spend less time in the libraries searching for the topic, and their memory has no chance to perform better without such activity. Another reason why most fail on the exams because they do not know important dates, phrases, or other information.

In spite of making their grades and interest in study worse, it is possible to point out some positive moments of such impact too.

How Social Networks Positively Impact on Education

Students can search for information online, or how they call it “to google”. The Google system has an enormous package of information, including the old and new facts. It is very popular nowadays to find useful information for your essay, for example, online, especially if the library does not have books that cover your topic. Moreover, the educational part of Google has been increased in recent years, and many books can be easily found online, and yet another reason to visit a library. Any educational problem can be solved through the online services by professionals or experts in different areas, including the social media where you can find a direct answer or ask a question.

Many famous universities for distance learning are using social media, and it is possible for people around the world to participate in such activity. Social media has boosted the meaning of education in a good way, and many young people are eager to get a diploma in areas they are highly interested.

Professors and lecturers can send their assignments through online resources, and it makes the overall work faster, plus you can always discuss the current task with students. Submission of your writing assignments is proceeded through online as well, and it reduces the time for both students and professors. Even the applying process to university/college/school can also be done through the same method, and many schools are looking to post ads to increase the interest of young people in their institution.

The Social Networks can connect people from the different countries to establish the multicultural friendship. Most students find this way is very interesting, especially if you can find a student to share or discuss ideas you have in educational areas. Many multicultural platforms are made to discuss education, social problems, and worldwide issues.

Final Word

The Social Networks can impact on education differently. However, it is possible to reduce all negative aspects and boost the positive ones. In such way, it will only increase the overall importance of education in student’s life.

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