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The raised problem is not a new insight, and many people are concerned with the issues of students’ mental health. Mainly, the objects of such concerns are schools that base their policy to function satisfactorily, and students are to perform much better at school. Now and then, there were many statements regarding the issue how different psychosocial or health problems might affect the overall process of learning and performance in deep ways.

Because of a high number of such problems, schools tend to create a policy, in which they develop the guide to assist teachers in dealing with problems that most students may have during the schooling. This guide may include different methods to increase the interest in social-emotional learning, as well as create a protective environment, in which it is possible for a student to reduce many risk factors.

Nowadays, many famous schools are looking to be engaged in programs to address a wide range of mental or psychosocial concerns (attendance problems, physical/psychological abuse, emotional upset, violence). For many years, experts tried to develop a whole new system of fast assistance, so the students would not feel uncomfortable by communicating with all elements of school society.

The Guidance through a Blockchain Technology

What exactly is a Blockchain and how it can interfere with modern education? We are all aware of Bitcoin system, and how it became popular in recent five years. To understand what Blockchain is, you have to know at least the small description, as it is provided by many famous resources: “All market participants can keep track of digital transactions without central recordkeeping”. In other words, no single entity controls the information or data published therein. How is it possible to connect the previous problem with the Blockchain technology? Well, many schools have policymakers, hence they have a lengthy history of different examples. The current theory of applying the Blockchain technology to Mental Health Schools still has more questions than answers, and it sounds logical.

As we mentioned above, many schools are developing the guides to assist teachers in solving and improving problems that are mainly connected to students’ performance. In this situation, the Blockchain technology could be helpful in its natural form. The schools could create a common system of so-called issues or problems, where they would share the past and modern examples together with found solutions. The access to that system could be available for all experts from other schools, and they would start keeping track of mental health problems. In such way, there is an opportunity to create a system between school and community service agencies to increase the well-being of young students.

Keeping Records Safe and Easily Accessible in the Cloud

Even if some schools had a huge history of solving mental health problems, or increasing the overall performance of its students, the data could be erased or kept in a wrong way. Many experts would like to continue the work on such problems, but they could not find any history or papers due to misplaced or lost documents. That is why the modern Blockchain technology can be helpful to open the new opportunities for many schools keep their results virtually.

Mental Health activity is the most important part of any school. There is a great chance to improve the overall performance of young people and make a complete guide to prevent many issues in the future. Increasing and improving mental health in schools can be transferred in a new form. Establishing the new norms can be a good tool for most teachers who are always engaged in such area. That will also create a perfect environment, in which schools can maximize the learning process to make students well-being and stronger.

The Blockchain technology proved its capacities, and it may be used in education as well.

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