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Foreign students can get higher education in Canada in colleges and universities. Every year thousands of students from different countries study in Canada’s educational institutions and the number of those students is constantly growing. Canadian universities offer a variety of different programs, where you can get knowledge in the field of engineering and technology, business and art, as well as in many other areas. In addition, parents and students are attracted by the high level of social security. Canada is famous by its investments in education.

Why do people choose Canada?

Millions of applicants from around the world are eager to become students of one of Canada’s higher education institutions. The popularity of studies in this country is determined by the high standard of living, the minimum indicators of crime and, most importantly, the system of higher education has very good standards. There are more than 100 universities on the territory of the state. Many of them have a really long and interesting history. There are also many modern universities as well.

Canada is one of the few states in which the government pays much attention to their equipment. Financing of higher education institutions by the state reaches 90%. Becoming a student of any Canadian university is prestigious and honorable. Studying in Canada, you can be sure that the difficulties with finding worthy of paid work at the end of the school will not be.

The cost of higher education

There are no the exact fees for studying in Canada. Every university defines its own cost for studying. There is no doubt that every student who really wants to study in Canada will find the university with the acceptable prices. Studying in the most prestigious universities located in the capital will cost more than getting the same degree and specialty in smaller cities.

The cost can vary according to the duration of studying. On average, the cost of studying is about 11 thousand Canadian dollars per year. If you choose the IT field, you have to know that the cost of studying for the future IT specialists is the most expensive. However, in comparison with similar universities in other countries, you can see that the cost of studying in Canada is quite reasonable.

Main advantages of being a Canadian student

Studying in Canada has several advantages. First of all, education standards meet international requirements. A diploma obtained in Canada will be appreciated in all English and French-speaking countries. The Canadian system of teaching is similar to the British one and is distinguished by a high level of specialists training. In addition, the student can start working six months after the start of studying, which allows them not only to earn money, but to improve their skills in the professional way as well. So, after graduation, the graduate students will have some work experience, and they won’t have to start from scratch.

The following aspects reveal the opportunities you can get while studying in one of the Canada’s universities.

  • Qualification, that is appreciated all over the world. The Canadian diploma will open doors for you in the future and contribute to your career.
  • Studying abroad that everyone can afford. The cost of living and studying for foreign students is generally lower than in other countries.
  • Multinational environment. Canadians are known for their friendliness, impartiality and tolerance, the country accepts students from more than 200 ethnic groups.
  • High level of safety and development of the community relations. You can enjoy all the rights that protect Canadians: respect for human rights, equality, a stable and peaceful community.
  • Exciting life on campuses. Canadian educational institutions offer you many opportunities for combining learning and leisure – from libraries with computers and sports halls to concert venues and art galleries.
  • Wide opportunities for innovative research. The education system in Canada is based on research and development in the best laboratories with modern equipment.
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