Five Paragraph essay: tips, advises and solutions

How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

If you are in search of creativity and ideas for accomplishing five paragraph essay or some similar task in academic writing, reading some acknowledged solutions can help you. For sure, writing is very individual and not typical activity, though there are a lot of common rules and standards, which were developed within the many years’ experience of writers.

Even the gurus of the writing and experienced bloggers were the beginners one day and their experience was achieved by a lot of writing and, for sure, by reading the wisdom and advices of other authors. So how should one write an essay and how make it pleasant and effective activity?

Topic consideration

There can be different situations concerning the topic of your essay. You can select it by yourself or it can be determined by your teacher. No matter how you have got it, the important thing is to understand it. You should realize and comprehend it precisely. If there are some terms or notions, which you have never met before or do not know much about, sort the things out. Find the terms in the dictionary, read respectful resources and learn all the possible aspects of the issue, you are going to describe and consider within your essay.

Plan arrangement

Every task or activity demands a strict order of performance, which can be simply called plan. Consider your task from the point of view of time limitations and estimate time for each stage of your work over the paper. This will avoid you from rushing and missing your deadline. The next aspect is to consider your assignment from the point of view of the content. Think over what you will write in each paragraph, what to start with and what conclusions you want to make. Such plan will cause your writing activities to be easier and thoughtful.

Ideas generation

As we have already mentioned, you have to process a big amount of information before starting the essay. In no case it means to use someone’s ideas or thoughts. But if you know a lot about the subject, it is easier for you to comprehend it and think over something interesting and new in regard to it. Sometimes you can schedule even a couple of days in your plan for thinking and developing your ideas and aptitudes, and then the writing will be brilliant.

Creative approach

One more important thing within the generation of your ideas is establishing of the peculiar approach. That means that you should look at the subject of your paper from the other side, which was not observed by others. Some new and not trivial aptitudes to any notions will always be attractive and catching for your readers.

Grammar and punctuation check

When all the paragraphs of your paper are completed it always makes sense to read over your work. Even if you are always attentive and observe grammar rules, one can easy miss something, being captured by the train of thoughts. That’s why it is reasonable to make even two revisions before issuing your essay to the destination point. Paying extra attention to spelling and correct punctuation will increase your confidence and will avoid unpleasant misspelling and mistakes.

Logical structure and conclusions

Writing a five paragraph essay, it is always important to think over the structural integrity of your work. Each paragraph should be the component part of the paper, which has the common idea, and be the logical addition to each other. Devote your first paragraph to the problem statement, middle part to considerations about this problem and do your best to conclude the strongest and the most suitable ideas in the last paragraph.

Use algorithm of actions, which is provided above, and get rid of any concerns or worries regarding writing your essay. Do not neglect these simple tips, which make your writing simpler and more sophisticated, practice in writing and let your essay be the thrilling and challenging think piece.

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