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Where Can You Study Abroad for Free?

Plenty of students is wondering where to get money for studying in particular institutions. While some of them can afford to get a degree in their home universities, others search free opportunities abroad. Well, in today’s world it seems quite impossible to study abroad at low budget.

However, there are many countries in Europe or worldwide, which provide academic programs that are free of charge or available at low prices. In the list below, we will present you the most popular countries for offering free studying opportunities for foreign students.

Best Free Study Programs in Europe


Germany is one of the best educational destinations in Europe, according to the recent surveys. This is because this country offers only high-quality and effective study programs and its universities, for example, in Munich or Berlin, take top positions in world ranking tables. Also, either a German or an international student doesn’t have to pay tuition fees at any public university in this country. But, when entering a particular university, the applicant should make sure heshe can budget administration and living costs.

If you are looking for free courses provided German universities, be quick: some states have already set fees of around €1,500 for all non-EU students.


If you think France is not the place where you can study abroad for free, you are wrong. In this country, there are many educational institutions that offer free programs or for a very affordable amount, depending on the academic discipline. This means, if you opt for medicine or engineering, you will have to pay extra administration fees. What is more, all subjects are taught in French, but there is a majority of English programs for international undergraduates

Speaking of the living costs, France does not differ much from Germany: its capital is known as of the most comfortable cities for students, with good public transportation, plenty of cafes or parks, and stunning views.

Nordic countries

The north of Europe has prepared a range of free educational opportunities for you, so let’s check them out!

If you go to Norway, the education is free of charge at any public institution you encounter. But you need to be proficient in Norwegian in order to study in this country, and only those applying for a master’s degree can take English language programs.

In Iceland, you will find many free courses of study in different academic fields, however, you will need to pay a registration fee of €400 a year.

When speaking about Sweden and Denmark, there are some free educational programs available for European students. This means other international applicants would have to pay tuition fees for entering public or private universities. The same thing happens in Finland – this fall the country will set fees of around €1,500 per year for all non-EU students.

If you ever planned to travel to the Nordic countries (or Northern European nations), we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of life and education, fascinating nature and wonderful sights. But make sure you can afford this beauty and comfort because the living costs in Nordic countries are one of the highest in the world.

Other countries

Apart from the countries listed above, there are some more places to study abroad for free or at a low price. Vienna, the capital of Austria, offers programs with reasonable prices for both European and international students.

In the Czech Republic, courses that are taught in Czech or English are affordable for all applicants at any degree level.

Spain and Italy provide effective educational programs for all students at a price for up to €1,400 per year at public schools and universities.

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