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What is your dream job?

Don’t sell yourself short. Take time and discover your perfect career. This is the advice I would give any university student who is unsure of what to do with his or her life. When I was studying in the university, many years ago, now I thought I had all the answers.

I believed I knew what was going to happen with regards to my career. Well, it did not take long for me to realize I was wrong. There was so much pressure on me from many different people to have everything mapped out so that when I finished university, I would slip straight into my dream job.

Life does not quite work like that, well for me it did not anyway. I was studying sports science in university. It was a three-year course. I was sure I would finish my studies and get involved with sports in some way. But what actually happened was life. Life happened and it decided I was going into something else. Who am I to disagree? When I say life I mean I was into my first year and I met a girl who became my girlfriend and now my wife. We got on so well straight away, I discovered so much about myself which I did not know.

What I am saying is that I found that the most important part of university, is finding out about you. This was my big discovery, it was not about just going straight into study, getting my qualifications, and then moving on to work. It was about taking time to find out about myself, and what I really want to do, who I want to become. Through meeting my wife we discovered so much together. So any advice I would give to someone studying in university would be take your time and do not make assumptions on what will happen in life.

Your life is full of surprises

We truly do not know what is around the corner. The more open you are to life, the more you will find. Life will guide you where you are meant to go. You may become a doctor, a teacher, or a dancer, however, you need to make sure that you love what you do and it is your own idea to become someone who you want. Sometimes people are great at math or literature, they write amazing academic papers, so their teachers have no doubts that those students will become successful very soon. However, it does no work like that often. Nowadays, a lot of students discover they want to be someone else. If you ever feel this way, just listen to your heart because to do what you truly love is much better than a high salary and living a life that you do not enjoy.

The more there is openness to new ideas and subjects, the easier it will be. The more you understand yourself, the easier it will be to know what will be next for you. Many people study for so many years to be a doctor or get into a certain position within the medical industry. But in all reality, that position may not be available in the years when you graduate. Things move on, evolution takes place which means things change including your ideas and desires. So it is best to take your time when deciding on a career.

I believe with my experience of being in that very position that everything changes constantly, so the ideas of a career constantly can change also. So learn about yourself which will automatically happen once you are in the university. This will open your mind to endless possibilities, which will in turn, help you make a decision on your ideal career.

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