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No work experience, professional achievements, career growth, no marital status, or even a personal car. However, college graduates can still write strong resumes that will enable them to get a job. In this post, we will show you how to write a resume, if at first glance there is nothing to write about.

What Employer Needs to Know First

As in any other resume, you should start with brief information about yourself and contacts. Enter your full name, age, address, and phone number. Look for college resume examples to be sure you designed it right. Marital status should be written in accordance with your passport data. It is not necessary to mention a civil marriage, even if you are in it. No one encroaches on your freedom, but in the employer’s eyes, it may look infantile. If a person can be “slightly married”, it is quite possible that coming to the office, he will “work slightly”.

As for the Job Position

After introducing, write the position you want to get. It is not necessary to list a few positions that you could arrange. The situation is that it is not you who choose, but you are chosen (at least at the first stage). The employer is hardly interested in a wide range of your potential opportunities. So be specific.


Education should be emphasized in the resume, but not the way most students do. Do not enumerate all the diplomas and awards that you managed to collect. Courses in image, massage, advertising, and securities are only interesting if they are directly related to the position you want to get. It is also not necessary to write that you were a class leader and sang in the choir. This is not about education and will not add points for you.

All you need to write in the college resume – the educational institution in which you studied, the date of graduation, and the degree. If you have a strong average score, indicate this. You can also include any experience of studying abroad. Most employers consider traveling to be an advantage.


It’s clear that as a student, you couldn’t work for a long time. Don’t be afraid to indicate a short work experience. Even if you have worked only for 2-3 months, this should be reflected in the college student resume. Perhaps, as a student, you had an internship in some company. A graduate who has already worked in the specialty for some time has advantages over his colleague, who may have the best grades, but no experience.

Mention the social projects in which you participated, briefly describe your role in their implementation. This is important because this type of “employment” is also practical experience and this may be interesting for the employer.


In any paragraph, you can use the words that the employer wants to see.

  • For professions where a non-standard approach is needed, highlight the “creativity” block and prove that it is about you.
  • Depending on the job, you can emphasize your skills or experience. For example, if a company needs a sales manager, and you have never worked in this area, tell how you once successfully sold your computer or bicycle.

Personal Qualities

A popular mistake is that in this section the students rely on their learning and openness to new experiences. These qualities are certainly good and useful for any job, but in the student’s resume it sounds like: “I don’t really know anything, but I’m ready to learn for a small salary.”

Before filling this box, think about what personal qualities are important in the profession you have chosen. It can be an analytical mindset, the ability to work with large volumes of information, dedication, the ability to bring to the end, punctuality.

Honesty, decency, integrity, is still in the price, but the employer is interested in hiring not only good people but also professionals.

Why Do You Need College Student Resume Examples

When you start writing the first resume in your life, it can be difficult to figure out how to start, which structure to use. Search the internet for resume examples. Perhaps they will inspire you or give some ideas.

The Last Step, but not Less Important

When you have finished writing a resume, you have not finished working on it. Proofread and check it carefully. Imagine that this is an extension of the paragraph about your personal qualities – but you do not need to write that you are attentive to details. Prove it!

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