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4 sites you wish you were around when you were applying for college

If you work with high schools and colleges, you know it can be hard to stay organized. Luckily, there are sites that can help us keep the eye on the ball and receive sufficient information about the recent changes in the world of academia and education.


Zoomita is your best friend in college. It creates a list with the program-required essay and specifies the instructions for each paper type. If you don’t know where to start, the system rearranges the drafts of an essay in order, and sorts the documents so you can have easy access to your sources.

Additionally, it helps you meet the deadline and create a paper from scratch, because an essay is by far the most complicated assignment you can face in college. If you are unsure about the work, you can invite anyone to check it for free, which is an option, similar to the one in Google Docs. Another innovation that is coming soon involves a crowdsourcing system that will help review the essays and spot plagiarism-filled papers.

This site basically rewards you for major school activities. The college costs are high and paying off your student loan can be troublesome once you apply. The scheme is the following: you create an individual page where personal achievements are recorded, like participating in high school contests, receiving an excellent grade or becoming the head of student study community.

These accomplishments are then considered by the management of the site and the college administrators, and your annual college fee is lowered. Besides, teachers search for the volunteers to help them do the office work, and being in charge of a school community is a small step towards bigger goals.

The most attractive candidates are given a reward for their hard work, and receive money to proceed with their studies. The only inconvenience we see at the moment is that the donations on your personal account are not actual cash, but a deduction from the cost of college.

Khan Academy

If you want to get ready for an examination, but seem a bit lost in the piles of papers around you, this site is going to be your ultimate helper. First of all, it has sections, dedicated entirely to standardized tests. You can practice for free, and later proceed to an actual test where the grades are given.

Additionally, there is a college admission preparation exercise. It doesn’t take much time, and you have nothing to complain about as they provide you with test materials and personal page. After you watch the video or accomplish an assignment that involves answering questions and commenting on the film, you can take part in the discussion in the same thread, and clear up the instructions as you proceed to the next task on the agenda.

Big Future

Finding a college is no easy job, but with this site you can be sure you are going to make the right choice. It sorts educational establishments according to their popularity level and provides students with the information on the college facilities and staff.

When you are familiar with the details, it will be less complicated to figure out the best option. Moreover, students admit it is impossible to set their minds on something specific when there are so many choices around, and college-matching apps like Big Future are the only way they can solve this issue.

We can’t think of any drawbacks this system might contain for an average student, but it would be great if the administration separated the fees by income and gave additional information about the loans at specific colleges in case some of the students are still hesitating.

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