Mobile helpers for students. Gadgets and technologies

6 apps college students shouldn’t live without We are sure you know plenty of applications to make your life easier, but there is always room for improvement. Leading companies have been working hard to provide you with effective programs, both customizable and fast, and here are some innovations on the market: If you are… Continue reading Mobile helpers for students. Gadgets and technologies

What to Expect from Future Education?

Future Online Learning Education Online learning is gaining more and more popularity these days. Mostly young people take advantage of online study courses and programs because they consider it an easier and more convenient way to gain knowledge. Going to a particular institution, paying tuition fees, attending classes and listening to the lecturers is not… Continue reading What to Expect from Future Education?

Blockchain for Education

If you are not aware of a Blockchain technology, then you have to understand a few important moments. For example, Investopedia explains Blockchain as a technology that allows market participants to keep track of digital currency transactions without central recordkeeping. In other words, no single entity could control the information published therein. Making an analogy… Continue reading Blockchain for Education